YouTube Music to launch AI chatbot 'Ask for Music' feature

According to recent reports, YouTube Music is getting ready to launch a new feature enhanced by artificial intelligence. Google's music streaming service recently introduced a feature called Play, Sing, or Hum to Search, which utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in identifying songs. The upcoming innovation, reportedly called 'Ask for Music', is expected to include a generative AI chatbot that allows users to search for songs using natural language conversations.

The characteristic is identified by both its title and an initial message displayed on-screen upon opening. A notification in the code cautions users that the responses generated by AI are still in the experimental stage. Variability in quality and accuracy is possible. Please refrain from providing any private or sensitive information about yourself or others. Moreover, there is mention of a submit button, indicating a component for user interaction.

While we do not know for sure how it will work, the presence of AI-generated answers and a prompt suggests that the function may function like a chatbot. Users have the option to inquire about songs, artists, and albums in a natural conversation style, where the AI will offer details and potentially direct them to related songs and albums.

At the moment, YouTube Music includes several AI-powered features. This consists of an audio search available through a waveform icon in the top-right corner of the screen, as well as an AI-designed playlist cover that generates images for playlists created by users. Introducing 'Ask for Music' would indicate the platform's initial all-encompassing AI capability.

It is crucial to recognize that app teardowns frequently uncover features that may be a long way from being launched or may never be made public. At times, developers include code for features that are not yet released or have been abandoned in the app, so it is too early to determine if 'Ask for Music' will be accessible to users.

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