Adani Airports IPO: Adani group to list airport business by FY28

Adani Airports IPO: Adani Enterprises plans to launch an IPO for its airport business and list it by fiscal 2027-28 (FY28), The group led by Gautam Adani also intends to generate 2 billion USD to 3 billion USD through equities in the current fiscal year (FY25), according to the report.

Ever since the main company became publicly traded in 1994, the corporate entity that owns a conglomerate ranging from ports to energy has developed and taken public six additional standalone companies with a total market value of more than 10 billion USD.

Adani Enterprises currently has ownership of eight airports located in India, with seven of them already functioning, with the completion of the Navi Mumbai International Airport expected by the year's end. The losses from the Hindenburg-led shock in January 2023 have all been recouped by the Adani Group company. Adani Enterprises' shares were recently down by 0.80 percent to Rs 3.169 each on the BSE trading platform.

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