Zomato introduces 'large order fleet' for group orders

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the launch of a 'large fleet order', the first of its kind in India. The new fleet will serve group events or parties of up to 50 people. This feature will have an “all-electric fleet.” Mr Goyal wrote

He stated that previously, numerous delivery partners were used to fulfill large orders, resulting in a customer experience that did not meet the company's standards. "In earlier times, numerous standard delivery partners managed such substantial orders, but the customer satisfaction did not meet our expectations," he stated. He mentioned that these new vehicles would address the majority of the problems our customers encounter when placing large orders on Zomato.

Nevertheless, these vehicles are still being developed, and we are making significant enhancements to them - such as cold storage units and hot boxes with temperature regulation - to guarantee that everything is delivered according to your preferences. Mr. Goyal provided information on the fleet.

Our goal in creating products and services is not for financial gain. We generate income in order to develop superior products and services, in order to better serve our communities. "This is one specific effort," stated the leader of Zomato.

In March, Zomato announced the launch of its 'Pure Veg Mode' service for customers with 100 per cent vegetarian dietary preferences. Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal said the fleet will wear green uniforms and delivery box in contrast to Zomato's branded red T-shirts and bags. However, it faced online backlash from a section of people, and the company retracted its decision to change the color of the uniform under the new service.

Many have accused the food delivery app of contemporary casteism which can cause inconvenience to those ordering non-vegetarian food. In addition, several users also raised the possibility that tenants requesting non-vegetarian food could face issues with their landlords.

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