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Purveyors of fine meat, Meatigo is a serious company– they know their meat and follow a strict process right from farms till the consumer receives the produ

New Year has just begun and so have the party sessions with friends. It’s now your turn to show your exotic and exemplary culinary skills to friends, but for that you need the best quality and freshest meat & seafood available. So, what do you do? Well, head straight to Meatigo.com or log on to www.meatigo.com - a one stop meat destination for all non-veg lovers offering all your protein requirements right from farm fresh chicken, mutton, bacon, sushi-grade salmon, cold cuts, sausages & ready to eat meat products like Kababs, Meatballs, etc. They are also launching an exotic range of Japanese delicacies for the first time in India along with easy-cook Chicken Momos, Bacon Jam and other eclectic fares by January.

Purveyors of fine meat, Meatigo is a serious company– they know their meat and follow a strict process right from farms till the consumer receives the products. Much in line with contemporary e-commerce companies headed by Siddhant Wangdi, Meatigo is all rearing to go & has finally come to ‘Amchi Mumbai’.

Origin of Meatigo has its roots in Siddhant’s love for non-veg food, especially juicy, succulent quality meat. In his work stints abroad, he savored some amazing meat and seafood dishes. When he compared the quality of meat available back home, from the local shops to the hypermarts, he was in for a shock. For a start, there was absolutely no regard to maintain right temperatures, hygiene standards and the meat failed even basic tests of sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological evaluations. Further, the meat section continued to be a forgotten segment, with lack of quality products and knowledge of the products being sold. This planted a germ of an idea to offer Indian consumers the best quality meat with international packaging delivered at the right temperatures, comparable with the best anywhere in the world.

“What makes a dish a great dish is the freshness and quality of the ingredients being used, and we at Meatigo want to give you the best meat to take your dish from average to the best it can be, because it does matter where your meat comes from. At Meatigo, we personally check, taste and finally source our selections from the best of farms & trusted partners and we’re confident that our meat is delicious. We ensure the best of packaging is used by our partners to preserve the freshness, taste and quality and we ensure the product reaches our customers at the right time and at the right temperatures, so there in no compromise on quality and safety."- Siddhant CEO, Founder, Meatigo

Meatigo launched in Gurgaon & Delhi in June 2016 and after getting an encouraging response from meat lovers, they decided to go for an expansion. Patrons of Meatigo have testified about its top-notch meat quality, packaging and excellent taste. To source this premium quality produce, Meatigo has tied up with key partners and vendors like Prasuma, a pioneer in the fresh & chilled segment and now synonymous with good quality meat. This amalgamation of vast experience, new line thinking and cutting edge technology certainly puts Meatigo in a very advantageous position.

This is just the beginning of the journey for Meatigo; they aim to be a one-stop meat destination with everything meat under one roof. Also, as per their expansion plan they will be launching very soon in Bangalore & Kolkata.

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