8 Tech Startups on Shark Tank India Season 2 that Caught Everyone's Eyes

1. AyuSynk: Reinventing Stethoscopes with Digital Innovation Investment: Namita Thapar invests Rs. 50 lakhs for 3.5% equity and Rs. 50 lakhs as debt @10% inter

Shark Tank India Season 2 concluded with an exciting array of tech startups that captured the attention of investors and viewers alike. Despite a smaller number of tech startups, the ones that made it to the tank showcased remarkable innovations and secured funding from notoriously discerning investors. In this article, we highlight the top tech startups from Shark Tank India Season 2 that are driving innovation and transforming industries.

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1. AyuSynk: Reinventing Stethoscopes with Digital Innovation

Investment: Namita Thapar invests Rs. 50 lakhs for 3.5% equity and Rs. 50 lakhs as debt @10% interest.

AyuSynk, a featured startup on Shark Tank India Season 2, offers a digital stethoscope that aims to replace traditional models by amplifying auscultation sounds. The device, which can be connected to the AyuShare app, allows for real-time sound recording and sharing. Additionally, doctors can visualize S1 and S2 splits for improved diagnostic accuracy. Developed by AyuDevices, an IIT-Bombay startup founded by Adarsha K, Rupesh Ghyar, and Tapas Pandey, AyuSynk received significant recognition during the season.

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2. insideFPV: Making Drone Flying Accessible to All

Investment: Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal, and Amit Jain invest Rs. 75 lakh for 15% equity.

insideFPV, showcased on Shark Tank India Season 2, is a pioneering company that provides plug-and-fly FPV drones for consumers, agriculture, and defense. They aim to make drone purchases safe and convenient, opening up the sky to everyone. insideFPV has gained recognition from the Government of India and trusted institutions like VIT and DLabs at ISB, Hyderabad. Founded by Arth Chowdhary, Oshi Kumari, and Devyant Bhardwaj, insideFPV generated significant interest during the season.

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3. Cloudworx: Building a Web-Based Metaverse

Investment: Namita Thapar and Anupam Mittal invest Rs. 40 lakhs for 3.2% equity.

Cloudworx Studio, featured in Forbes Asia 30 Under 30, offers a web-based no-code platform for building 3D twins in the metaverse. Users can easily create 3D twins of their companies in three simple steps without the need for 3D experts. Founded by Yuvraj Tomar and Kaushik Bharadwaj, Cloudworx is focused on developing enterprise metaverse 3D content from real-time data. The company gained significant recognition during Shark Tank India Season 2.

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4. CureSee: Revolutionizing Eye Care with AI

Investment: Peyush Bansal invests Rs. 50 lakhs for 10% equity.

CureSee, a digital health company showcased on Shark Tank India Season 2, offers AI-based vision therapy software for treating various eye diseases. Patients can access eye care anytime through their phones, making it convenient and accessible. The founding team of CureSee includes Puneet, Jatin Kaushik, and Amit Sahni. Their innovative approach garnered attention during the season.

WOL3D X Shark Tank India Season 2 - WOL 3D - 3D Printers

5. WOL3D: Pioneering Cost-Effective 3D Printing

Investment: Aman Gupta invests Rs. 80 lakhs for 2% equity and Rs. 70 lakhs as debt @12% interest.

WOL3D, featured on Shark Tank India Season 2, aims to develop and deliver cost-effective 3D printing machines. Their technology finds applications in engineering, medicine, architecture, and manufacturing. Collaborating with renowned brands like Flashforge, Creality 3D, and Qidi, WOL3D is making significant contributions to the 3D printing industry. Founded by Rahul Chandalia, WOL3D is rapidly expanding its reach with offices in ten cities across India.

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6. Primebook: Empowering Students with Affordable Android Laptops

Investment: Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal invest Rs. 75 lakhs for 3% equity.

Primebook, the first made-in-India Android laptop, offers affordable computing solutions for students. Powered by the Android 11 ecosystem, Primebook provides 4G SIM connectivity, expandable storage, and 4GB RAM. The company plans to license PrimeOS to international OEMs and has recently launched an ARM-based laptop. Founded by Chitranshu Mahant, Aman Verma, and Chandrahas Panigrahi, Primebook aims to bridge the digital divide and empower students with accessible technology.

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7. Janitri: Transforming Pregnancy Monitoring with Innovative Solutions

Investment: Namita Thapar invests Rs. 1 crore for 2.5% equity (Condition: If the revenue of Rs. 20 crores is not achieved in the next financial year, the sharks will get an additional 2.5% equity).

Janitri, showcased on Shark Tank India Season 2, simplifies pregnancy monitoring through maternal and fetal monitoring solutions. Their range of products ensures precision and safety, meeting medical standards. Founded by Arun Agarwal, Janitri's innovative technology has the potential to enhance the monitoring process for both hospitals and homes.

Nikhil Miglani - Founder & Partner - HoloKitab | LinkedIn

8. HoloKitab: Augmented Reality for Enhanced Education

Investment: Namita Thapar invests Rs. 45 lakhs for 25% equity.

HoloKitab, featured on Shark Tank India Season 2, is an edtech platform that utilizes augmented reality (AR) to revolutionize education. By delivering AR content through smartphones, HoloKitab makes learning engaging and immersive. The platform offers a variety of books with AR features for young children, providing an interactive learning experience. Created by Dipanshu Bajaj and Nikhil Miglani, HoloKitab has gained attention for its innovative approach to education.

Shark Tank India Season 2 showcased a remarkable lineup of tech startups that are driving innovation and transforming industries. From AyuSynk's digital stethoscopes to Primebook's affordable Android laptops, these startups are making a significant impact in the Indian startup ecosystem. The support and investment received from the sharks validate the potential and viability of these ventures. As we eagerly await the next season of Shark Tank India, it is inspiring to witness the positive influence these startups have on various sectors.

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