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Wipro Infrastructure Engineering acquires Pune-based startup

Industrial automation company Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, a subsidiary of Wipro Enterprises, announced on Thursday that it will acquire, a Pune-based company that supports artificial intelligence, for an undisclosed amount. harnesses the power of industry expertise in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to enable manufacturers to gain more performance and quality to improve operational efficiency in real time.

“This acquisition will help us expand our digital capabilities and deliver end-to-end automation solutions with an additional digital layer that provides deep customer insights and analytics,” said Pratik Kumar, CEO of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN). software was created by a team of artificial intelligence and machine learning experts and engineers using a proprietary algorithm.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering acquires Pune-based startup

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering said that after acquiring PARI, a leading industrial automation company, this acquisition represents an important step in the group's strategic development in the field of digitalization.

G Sundaraman, Co-CEO of Wipro PARI, said: “ software helps our customers identify bottlenecks in a complex manufacturing environment.

According to Kumar, the proprietary technology collects and analyzes vast amounts of data from industrial machinery and recommends ways to improve productivity using artificial intelligence and machine learning, thus greatly improving the customer value proposition.

The industrial automation segment of the Wipro PARI entity has implemented more than 1,500 automated systems worldwide in more than 75 global customers.

Wipro Barry has state-of-the-art facilities in Bonnie and Detroit, USA.

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