5 Stocks Under Rs 3500 to add to your Watch list | Detailed Analysis

There are many stocks that are listed in NSE and BSE for the share price of Rs 3500 and below. Let’s check which are those and more. 1. Tata Consultancy Serv

Stocks like MRF are often difficult for retail investors to buy. This is because one would have to pay more than Rs. 80,000 to buy a share. However, the good news for investors is that there is no shortage of top companies that can be bought at Rs 3,500 per share. In this article, we will look at the top stocks under Rs 3,500.

There are many stocks that are listed in NSE and BSE for the share price of Rs 3500 and below. Let’s check which are those and more.

top stocks under Rs 3,500

1. Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)

TCS is an IT services company with revenues primarily in the Americas and Europe. Provides software services in 5 major industries: Banking, Financial & Insurance, Retail & Consumer Services, Telecommunications, Media & Technology, and Manufacturing.

The IT specialty offers a wide range of services: Analytics and Insights, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, Consulting, Cyber Security, Business Applications, Internet of Things and Digital Engineering, Quality Engineering and more.Recently, the company has also taken an active role in leading the Tata Group's digital projects.

For a highly capitalized company, TCS has generated impressive returns for its shareholders over the last five years. The value of your inventory has increased at a compound annual growth rate of 19.41% each year during this period.

top stocks under Rs 3,500

2. Adani Enterprises

Adani Enterprises Ltd (AEL) is the flagship company of the Adani Group. Gautam Adani, a billionaire and first-generation founder, started as a commodity trading company in 1988. It was listed in 1994.
Since then, Adani Enterprises has grown into an incubator and holding company with diversified business holdings.
AEL is one of the largest conglomerates in India operating in various industries: airports, data centers, defense, aerospace, edible oil, food and agriculture, integrated resource management, mining services, roads, subways, railways, energy solar and water manufacturing. It has grown both organically and inorganically over the years.

Adani Enterprises recently entered into a joint venture with EdgeConneX (the world's largest private data center operator) to build 1 GW data center facilities over the next 10 years.
Additionally, Gautam Adani announced a major investment of $100 billion by the Adani Group over the next ten years. Of this, $70 billion is earmarked for an integrated hydrogen-based value chain.
Adani New Industries Ltd, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises, will implement green hydrogen projects as part of this massive investment.

top stocks under Rs 3,500

3. Asian Paints

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Asian Paints Ltd. is the largest company in India, the third largest in Asia and the ninth largest paint producer in the world. The company was founded in the 1940s by four friends.
It has 26 paint manufacturing plants operating in 15 countries. It offers a wide range of products and services. Its main offer includes paints, wall coverings and waterproofing.

In addition, it also sells decorative vinyl, adhesives, modular kitchens and cabinets, toilets, bathroom fixtures, disinfectants, furniture and lighting services, interior design services and other products and services.
The decoration business accounts for approximately 85% of the group's income. Asian Paints earns 10% of its revenue from international sales.

This makes it the largest paint company in India with a combined 40% and 55% market share in the decorative paint category.

The company has established two 50:50 joint ventures with PPG Inc, a US Fortune 500 company to serve automotive and industrial coatings orders.

top stocks under Rs 3,500

4. PI Industries

PI Industries was incorporated in 1946 as Mewar Oil and General Mills Ltd. The company began formulating and marketing agrochemicals in 1961. Fast-forward to today, Gurgaon-based PI Industries produces and sells fertilizers and specialty products.

It also offers various services, such as research and development, custom manufacturing and installation solutions, distribution services, and more.

It has a staff of 3,000 employees. Its 5 artisan facilities and 15 multipurpose plants in 5 manufacturing sites provide an integrated development process: process synthesis, scale-up and commercialization. Its R&D center in Udaipur houses more than 400 scientists and researchers with advanced R&D laboratories and NABL certified experimental and Kilo plants.

PI Industries generated 76.42% of its revenue in fiscal year 22 internationally. India contributed only Rs. 1,197 crore out of a total of Rs. 5,077 crore income for the company. This puts the agrochemical company in a good position as global fertilizer demand is expected to improve in the near future.

top stocks under Rs 3,500

5. Alkem Laboratories

Alkem Laboratories began nearly 4 decades ago in 1973. Over the years, the company has grown into one of the largest generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies in India, with a presence in over 40 countries.
Alkem went public in December 2015 listing its shares on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited and National Stock Exchange of India Limited.

It has a strong portfolio of brands such as Clavam, Pan, Pan-D and Taxim-O. Over the last ten years, its presence in the infection control sector has remained particularly strong. In total, the company owns more than 800 brands with more than 1,300 SKUs for a wide range of treatment sectors.

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