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Delhi LG announces SAMRIDDHI scheme to settle property disputes, tax dues

For residents of the national capital’s authorised and regularised colonies, Delhi Lieutenant Governor Vinai Kumar Saxena announced a unique property tax amnesty scheme on Oct. 26, Raj Niwas officials were quoted by the Hindu newspaper as saying.

Under the Delhi Infrastructure Development Municipal Revenue Enhancement Scheme (SAMRIDDHI) 2022-23, NCR employees will be able to pay only the basic amount of current and pending taxes for the last five years for residential properties.

Aside from this, people can also get a waiver of all fees due including penalties and interest through this system. However, for commercial real estate, the term will be six years.

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"The MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) will not have the right to reopen any property tax case after one year," a Raj Niwas official said.

"In a victory for all residents, as well as MCD, the funds received from 'SAMRIDDHI 2022-23' will be utilised to upgrade municipal infrastructure to provide efficient services such as sanitation, roads, education and hospitals," a statement from the Raj Niwas read.

The official said LG had made a " proactively" appeal to the public to take advantage of the scheme and encouraged owners to clear up pending disputes and related drawbacks.

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