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Sports Metaverse launches virtual land sale - Business2Business

Sports Metaverse has kicked off a public land sale, where landowners can acquire a high-quality fan cave. Sports Metaverse is a virtual world focused specifically on sports.

These caves can be used to hang out with friends from around the world, customize their own NFTs, play pool, stream sporting events, and advertise your land to tenants. The construction of land for special purposes, such as the construction of a stadium or an event hall, will also be possible.

Sports Metaverse claims to be the first digital world dedicated exclusively to sports, bringing together iconic sports stars, brands and clubs in one place. Users can trade NFTs, buy land, interact with famous athletes, and visit stadiums.

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Longer term, there will be social spaces with big screens and retail stores, as well as immersive 3D experiences with athletes and fans having 24/7 access to the metaverse.

"We've assembled together the best metaverse builders in the space, the most inspiring brands on the web, and some of the greatest athletes of all time," said Chris Worsey, CEO and co-founder of SportsIcon.

He added that the Sports Metaverse is the new frontier: the future of sports is the instant connection of billions of fans, their sports icons and brands in the metaverse.

To optimize the appeal of its virtual real estate, Sports Metaverse said it is also partnering with LandWorks, a protocol developed by EnterDao that enables VR land owners to let their land without permission, listing it at fixed prices on which would-be tenants can make bids.

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