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Books Every Indian Marketer & Startup Founder Should Read

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open! Reading contributes significantly to the development of visualization and global thinking. And marketing, like many other fields, requires these qualities. Today, dozens of books are designed, written, published, and read by dozens of people around the world, but some books are absolute marketing classics.

Although there are countless good books that attempt to explain and impart knowledge on different marketing concepts, here is an attempt to list some of the most read ones that are highly recommended especially for an Indian marketer or a startup founder.

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  1. The Art of The Start
    The Art of The Start

Written by famed trader and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, this book aims to help people with an idea turn it into a lasting dream. It is considered one of the best books on startups. 

  1. Marketing: a love story 
    marketing: a love story

The book conveys the message that an emotional connection with customers is essential. This little book by Bernadette Jiwa is considered one of the best marketing books ever written.

  1. Start with why
    Start with why

The book emphasizes the use of "WHY" in marketing and communicating with the public. Written by Simon Sinek, the book features content on some of the most successful marketing platforms.

  1. The Everything Store
    The Everything Store

Jeff Bezos can rightly be called an inspiration, especially for those starting small. Written by Brad Stone, this book sheds light on Bezos' thought process and instincts that made Amazon the brand it is.

  1. Brainfluence

Roger Dooley's book highlights how neuroscience and behavioral science can help attract more customers. Although the name might sound a little scary, the book is awesome and will keep you glued to it.

  1. The Psychology influence of Persuasion
    The Psychology influence of Persuasion

The book was written by Dr. Robert Cialdini, an expert in influence and persuasion, and attempts to explain the psychology of why people say yes. The reader will learn how to apply six universal principles to become a skilled persuasive. This book is not only useful for marketers, but also for other professionals in the field.

  1.  Permission marketing
    Permission marketing

A masterpiece by famed Seth Godin, the book offers advice on how to build relationships and foster trust. This one is for all kinds of marketers talking about the revolutionary concept of "permission marketing" which is the opposite of classic marketing, which he calls "disruption marketing".

  1. Contagious: Why Things Catch On
    Contagious: Why Things Catch On

This book, another psychology based book, examines how things become popular and how six basic elements make something contagious in a group of people and how this can be used in a marketing strategy. 

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