Why Do Brands Sell Experiences Instead of Products?

In today's world, sales are no longer just dependent on the product. It is not dependent on the purchase of a product, but rather on the purchase of an experien

Business models have always been built around selling a product or service. It might fulfil a need or be exchanged for a certain quantity of money, known as a price. A sale could be made if the product or service is marketed. However, this strategy is no longer effective!


In today's world, sales are no longer just dependent on the product. It is not dependent on the purchase of a product, but rather on the purchase of an experience and the subsequent impressions of a company after becoming its clients. A positive experience has a strong influence on client happiness and loyalty, which leads to higher revenue. But why do people become brand and company loyalists because of their customer experience?

Reasons for people's interest in customer service

The majority of purchasing decisions are done subconsciously rather than logically. People purchase based on their emotions and what appeals to them. Second, consumers are more interested in experiences than in items and services. They are more likely to remember how they were treated during the purchase process than the product. These experiences can also be shared with others, making the story more interesting.

Selling nowadays is all about how you make your customer feel. Customers will return to your product if they have a positive impression of you; otherwise, why would they choose a McDonald's burger over a vadapav for a lot lower price? It also makes no difference what you're selling. Anything may be sold, but it must be coupled with an experience to make it more relatable.


Here are some ideas for selling any product as an experience.

1. Using brand ambassadors or influencers
Influencers can assist express their experiences to the public because of the vast reach of social media and the large presence of people on various social media platforms. A brand ambassador can also assist promote sales by acting impartially.

2. Storytelling
People don't just come to Tanishq to buy statement pieces. They went there to try on their new ring collection, which has captured their attention. They will later tell their circle about purchasing a specific ring from Tanishq rather than simply informing them about purchasing a ring.

3. Keep the vow you made
BMW delivered on its promise of being the ultimate driving machine. They claim to make stylish and efficient vehicles, and as a result, they are one of the most powerful brands in the world.

Let's look at several brands that are using experience rather than product as a driving force in their business:

1. Furlenco
The online furniture rental business capitalises on the experience of utilising a piece of furniture for a limited time rather than owning it permanently.


2. Amazon
With any goods you need delivered in two to three days with just a tap on your phone, Amazon provides the utmost in customer service, making life easier in a variety of ways. Amazon gives the ultimate type of customer experience that has made life easier by delivering any thing you need in two-three days with just a tap on your phone.


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