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Apple Urges Senate to Reject a Bill That Allows Outside App Stores

Apple Inc. urged Top lawmakers to reject an antitrust bill due to be considered by a US Senate committee on Thursday that would force the company to allow consumers to install apps outside of its store Of applications.

The company said the bill, S. 2710, would harm user security and privacy, create extensive exposure to liability and legal uncertainty, and deny consumer choice. The company made the comments in a letter, obtained by Bloomberg News, that was sent to Senate Judiciary Chief Dick Durbin and Republican fixer Chuck Grassley before their committee debated the bill.

"We are deeply concerned that, unless changed, the legislation will make it easier for large social media platforms to bypass pro-consumer practices on Apple's App Store and allow them to continue business as usual," Tim said. Bowderley, company president. government affairs for the Americas, he says in the letter.

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The bill has bipartisan sponsorship, giving it a good chance of passing the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. However, he may face an even tougher battle to be considered by the full Senate.

The legislation will allow sideloading, the process of installing apps from the web or alternative app stores. Such a change would jeopardize Apple's 15% to 30% commissions it receives from developers. It would also harm privacy, Powderley said in the letter.

"Sideloading will allow bad actors to bypass Apple's privacy and security protections by distributing apps without critical privacy and security controls," he said. "These provisions will allow the spread of malware, scams and data exploitation."

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