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Apple wins delay in monopoly case, allowing App Store rules to stay for now

Apple Inc. won. The US Court of Appeals amnesty on Wednesday by deploying a change to the App Store ordered by a federal judge as part of a large corporate antitrust battle with Epic Games Inc.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted Apple a request by iPhone makers to postpone the enforcement of a federal judge's order to allow developers to communicate with users in the app for alternative payment methods outside the App Store. rice field.

The order introduces some of the most significant changes to date to the way Apple operates a profitable app store, perhaps because Apple and Epic have sought broader appeal for years. It means you can delay it.

At the very least, Apple said that Epic Games, Inc. did not show that Apple's actions violated antitrust laws, but that the same actions violated California's unfair competition laws. It seemed to raise serious doubts about the merits of the court's decision: “The Court of Appeals’ order said.

Apple filed with the Court of Appeals in late November, arguing that immediate enforcement of the first ruling by US District Judge Yvonne González Rogers would harm "millions of participants on both sides of the App Store platform."

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In early November, Judge Gonzales Rogers rejected Apple's request to delay the court order. The lawsuit was filed by Epic against Apple in August 2020, and iPhone makers had exclusive rights to control software distribution on their devices, forcing developers to use an in-app payment system. Claimed to have done. This costs as much as 30%.

In considering the appeal, Judge González Rogers said the proposed suspension would delay the implementation of its changes for years. Apple faced a December 9 deadline to implement the changes.

In the original case, Judge Gonzales Rogers ruled primarily in Apple's favor, except for a court order against the anti-steering clause of the App Store rules.

"We are constantly evolving the App Store to provide a better experience to the incredibly talented community of iOS users and developers," says Apple. The user experience that customers love from the App Store. I would like to thank the court for allowing me to stay during the appeal process. "

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