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Lupin acquires exclusive rights to develop, manufacture TTP inhalation products

Pharma major Lupine said on Thursday that its wholly-owned arm Lupin Inc signed an agreement with TTP Plc to acquire exclusive worldwide rights to develop, manufacture, and commercialize inhalation products, using the latter's soft-mist inhalation technology platform. The company said in a regulatory filing that TTP's (The Technology Partnership) soft-mist inhalation technology (SMI) allows inhaler medication to be delivered from a small handheld inhaler without the use of pushers.

It added that by leveraging this technology, Lupin expects to provide healthcare professionals with alternative solutions to bring affordable inhaled medications to patients around the world. 

As part of the agreement, Lupin and TTP will jointly develop the device with the local pharmaceutical company to manufacture the device commercially through its network of domestic and overseas manufacturing sites.

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"Lupin will also develop and manufacture formulations to be delivered through the device, obtain the necessary regulatory approvals, and market the products globally," the filing said.

"Inhalation is a strategic pillar of Lupin's growth story as we strive to offer affordable medications to patients around the world," said Vinita Gupta, CEO of Lupin Global. "The partnership with TTP for the SMI technology platform is a strategic addition to our broad inhalation capabilities."

Sam Hyde, managing director of TTP, said partnering with Lupine to commercialize the company's SMI technology could benefit patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.

He added: "TTP has deep expertise in aerosol science and we have worked with our clients for over 30 years developing complex drug delivery devices. This partnership represents an exciting next step for us in this innovative field of drug delivery. respiratory ".

Through the SMI technology, individual doses are delivered using a precisely engineered nozzle system to produce a slow-moving, long-sustaining aerosol cloud, Lupin said, adding it anticipates applications across respiratory care.

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