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Cipla launches Spirofy for early diagnosis for COPD, Asthma

Pharmaceutical company Cipla announced on World COPD Day the launch of India's first wireless handheld compressed air lung capacity meter, Spirofy. With this launch, the company aims to revolutionize the diagnosis of obstructive airway disease (OAD) in line with its ambition to solidify its position as India's leading lung company. This is part of the company's #LungAttack campaign aimed at raising awareness of COPD and promoting early diagnosis.  According to Cipla, the "Spirofy" is a good battery-backed transceiver, suitable for use in outdoor campgrounds and remote areas where power is scarce. Advanced devices use bacterial and viral filters to ensure high accuracy of results and individual patient safety. The company developed this device after five years of internal research.

The device can generate real-time reports, print instantly using a portable wireless thermal printer, or share a PDF copy over the phone.

Talking about the launch, Umang Vohra, Managing Director and CEO of Cipla Ltd. Cipla continues to focus on addressing the growing burden of respiratory illnesses worldwide and is fighting chronic respiratory illnesses such as COPD through this launch. The launch of DeSpirovy aims to help clinicians across the country improve their patients' lives through accurate and effective diagnosis. .. In terms of cost. "
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