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Latest News- Infosys co-founder Shibulal buys company Shares worth Rs 100 cr

Infosys co-founder S D Shibulal bought Rs 100 cr shares of key IT through an open market deal on Wednesday as per news sources.

Shibulal bought more than 7.58 lakh shares at an average price of Rs 1,317.95 per lot, bringing the total value of the transaction to Rs 100 crore, according to the latest block deal data on BSE.

Latest News report suggests that Infosys said this deal increased Shibulal's stake in the company to 0.07 percent.

At the end of the March quarter, Shibulal owned 0.05 percent of the company's shares.

According to a separate filing, Shibulal's wife Kumari sold over 7.58 lakh shares on Wednesday for the same price of Rs 1,317.95 per lot.

After the deal, her share fell to 0.19 percent from 0.21 percent.

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