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Elon Musk Is Offering A $100 Million Prize. Here’s How You Can Win

Have you heard of the best carbon capture technology? Apparently Elon Musk will donate $ 100 million to any individual or company that helps build this technology, and that will definitely help to develop it. We know that space desperately needs it, and since it comes from the richest man in the world, it seems like a great opportunity for scientists.

How can you win the prize?

While Musk has yet to reveal the details of the award, he has stated that he wants to reduce the price of air-carbon capture so that it can directly help facilitate the feasibility of rocket fuel. Currently, there is no correct way to make an electric rocket, but he hopes it will be possible in the near future. He hopes it will be possible to use solar energy to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and combine it with water to generate oxygen and rocket fuel for spacecraft.

Apparently, three startups are already working on the technology that could make this hypothesis a reality. These are

Climeworks (Switzerland)

Carbon Engineering (Canada)

Global Thermostat (US)

These three companies have already spent around $ 10 million through their pilot plants. It will take a long time to see some success stemming from this dream, but Musk is determined that the day will come soon enough. Do you know how much it costs to secure a ton of carbon by capturing direct air? It can be as high as $ 600!

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Musk details two ways of bringing down the cost per tonne:

  1. He invested hundreds of millions of dollars to build mega plants.
  2. Increase the pace of work on this hypothesis. The government can fund research laboratories. Other billionaires may also announce cash prizes that allow scientists and researchers to be more active in seizing the opportunity.

This is not the first time that a billionaire or millionaire has announced a cash price for using carbon dioxide from the environment for the greater good. In 2015, started the CarbonXPrize program. It currently houses 10 finalists and the winners will be announced in late 2021!

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