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SBI Mutual Fund introduces retirement benefit fund

SBI Mutual Fund unveils Retirement Benefit Plan

SBI Mutual Fund has revealed the SBI Retirement Benefit Fund offering four plans through risk profiles. The fund's features include life coverage subject to a maximum of EGP 50,000 per investor, the option of two investment facilities for automatic transfer to enhance the retirement fund, and regular quarterly withdrawals.

The fund offers four investment plans including Aggressive (Stock Oriented), Aggressive Hybrid (Stock Oriented), Conservation Hybrid (Debt Oriented) and Conservation (Debt Oriented).

In addition to equity and debt instruments, each plan can consume up to 20% exposure to gold ETFs and up to 10% exposure to real estate mutual funds / ETFs and foreign securities, including ETFs. Up to 35% in the aggressive plan, up to 15% in the aggressive hybrid plan and the conservative hybrid plan, and up to 10% in the conservative plan.

SBI Mutual Fund said: "This diversification across investment asset classes, outside of a long-term investment horizon, will make investment risk management more efficient." The program aims to provide a comprehensive retirement savings solution that meets the diverse financial needs of investors through long-term diversified investments across all major asset classes.

The investment amount is reserved for five years or until retirement (that is, reaching age 65), whichever comes first.

"Most of us seriously think about planning for retirement when it is too late to create a large group for our needs. This can lead to a risky and emergency lifestyle during medical situations. The beginning of personalization, even if In a small way, it is at the age of 30 and it increases over time, It provides smart progress for the group to grow exponentially. Vinay M. Tonse, MD and CEO of SBI MF, said the Retirement Benefit Fund of SBI fits the bill perfectly.

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