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Get Paid For Staying at Home in Pyajamas & Watching Netflix. See How

No, this is not a dream, and there is actually someone who will pay you to stay in bed and watch Netflix and literally relax!

Pour Moi, a British loungewear label, offers you the position to be a ‘Chilled Out Reviewer’ to test their clothes and quite essentially, stay in pyjamas all day. The company has set up an online application link for you to fill out until October 12, 2020, after two weeks after which the winner of the competition will be announced.

Get Paid For Staying at Home

The job description of the one to be hired includes,

1) Watch three episodes of your favorite TV show from their bed/sofa

2) Enjoy a glass of wine or a delicious hot chocolate snuggled on the sofa

3) Make a cup of tea or any other favorite hot drink.

4) Finally, scroll through the social media apps on your phones for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Who would’ve thought that for doing this, one could get paid a total of 300 pounds sterling (around US $ 350). The required commitment is 10 hours of wearing pajamas and completing assigned tasks in a period of one month. Next, the applicant must complete a short questionnaire.

The person selected for this eclectic job position will have to vary their attire from time to time so as to test and try all 6 pieces of loungewear provided by the company. The individual can later keep the clothes with themselves. One also isn’t expected to promote the brand on their social handles, nor is there any obligation of publishing any images on any of the social networks.

The " chilled-out reviewer" job offer is open to anyone over the age of 18 residing anywhere across the globe. The link to filling out the application for the same is listed on their website.

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