Complete guide to Team Building activities in Corporate Organisations

Over a period of time, taking part in these activities will lead to an improvement in the performance of the employees in a team. Team building is a huge part o


Team building is defined as the various activities that help to enhance the social relationships in a company and define each person's roles within the teams, for the collaborative tasks. The team-building activities help in exposing and addressing the interpersonal problems that may arise within a group. Engage4more  is India's leading employee engagement company with offerings in Corporate Team Building activities, events and HR technology.

Over a period of time, taking part in these activities will lead to an improvement in the performance of the employees in a team. Team building is a huge part of the organizational development which can also be used in various groups like the sports teams, school classes, military units or the flight crews.

Team building is one of the best group development activities in the corporate as well as other organizations. Usually, a "team-building retreat" is organized where the members aim to address their underlying problems and try to build their trust by participating in the activities that require a team effort.

Different Types Of Team Building Activities in Corporate Organisations

There are different types of team building activities. Some of these are listed below:

  •  Outdoor/Indoor Pursuits
  •  Workshops
  • Social Events
  •  Community Service or Charitable Work
  •  Changes to Work Practices

Individual Training/Development

  • Outdoor activities 

There are plenty of outdoor activities that a team can like canoeing or rock climbing, blind-four-wheel-driving or sheep-driving, treasure hunt, making a video, hot air ballooning, cooking etc.

Some indoor activities that a team can participate in include 10-pin bowling, Quasar, Casino games etc.

  • Workshops

Workshops can be held that help a team to try and solve a particular issue. A workshop should involve all members in deciding the goals or developing strategies. This enables the habit of ownership amongst the team members. Some types of workshops include Group games and exercises with learning points, Psychometrics or personality questionnaires, Business problem solving, or information exchange, Customer interaction forums,  exchange of technology etc.

  • Social Events

These are regarded as a cost-effective way of conducting team building activities. These have a higher impact as well. It helps to ensure that the employees of the company interact and mix up with the groups so that the communication becomes better. Some of these social events may include, Lunchtime drink, Evening meal/BBQ, Family picnic, Quiz nights, etc. Organizing a social event is the easiest way for people to get along. 

  • Charitable Work

Doing some form of charity work that benefits society helps to provide them with the satisfaction of having done something important and helps in uniting the team as well.

Top team building activities by engage4more for  Corporate Organisations

The top team building activities by engage4more includes the following:

  1. How does everyone get connected through the larger Corporate Goals? Learning that using the Structures.
  2. Paint to Collaborate as we play Musical Chair! Music. Fun. Give-Away for all!
  3. Fearless Josh - Turbo Charge sales force with JOSH High session! Fire Walk + Judo Bricks + Rod Bending & much more!
  4. Extremely High ENERGY! Collaborate With Afro Drums!
  5. Play Board Games to Collaborate - Problem Solving - Creativity - Competitiveness
  6. A fun way of blending art and craft with theatre to know your team members
  7. Zorbing Bumper Ball Challenge for Team Building - Competitive Thinking- Win by Execution
  8. Communicating With Stories. Make Conversations Exciting with Clients 
  9. 'On The Spot Theatre'. Spontaneous Dialogues and Actions. Thinking on Your Feet. Creativity.
  10. Corporate Dressing Workshop. Mix & Match. Fashion Improvement. Self-Image Management.

 Importance of the team building activities

 It is important to introduce the team building in the workplace for the following reasons:

  1. Helps in better communication

The Activities that help to start a discussion between the employees helps in enabling better communication. This helps in improving the office relationships and as a result, the quality of work is also better.

  1. Aims to motivate the employees

If the employees are comfortable in expressive their views and ideas, then they become more confident. This, in turn, helps to motivate them so that they can take challenges.

  1. Enhances the creativity

When the team is exposed to new different experiences, they are forced to think differently as well. Together as a team, the members can discuss and create new ideas. 

  1. Problem-solving skills

The team-building activities help the coworkers to think together and find solutions to the problems that arise. This is important as there are many problems that may arise at work and requires immediate actions. It helps in improving the ability of the team to think rationally.

  1. Breaking the barriers

Team building activities help to break the barriers and help develop trust among the employees. Often, it is found that there is a gap or disconnection between the leadership and the employees of a company. Team building exercises help to break this disconnection. 

There are many benefits of team building activities for the companies and their employees. Some of the major benefits of the activities include improvement in the morale and the leadership skills of the employees, finding the barriers to the creativity of the employees, it helps to figure out the objectives and goals, aims to improve the processes and the procedures as well as the productivity of the organisation. Along with these, performing team building activities helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team and helps in improving their ability to solve any problems.

Image Source: powersresourcecenter

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