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CAIT calls for nationwide unrest against Flipkart, Amazon

  • The Merchants body introduced a series of actions and protests this month to attract government attention.
  • It chose to write to the Prime Minister asking him to work against e-commerce discounts.
  • Farmers, street vendors, small businesses and entrepreneurs will be asked to join the movement.

After taking e-commerce companies into mediation, court and government meetings, the CAIT called for national unrest against Flipkart, Amazon and other e-commerce companies to continue their month-long protests. .

CAIT (Confederation of All India Traders) claimed that both Flipkart and Amazon violate the government's Foreign Direct Investment Policy (FDI) rules and destroy the country's retail trade through predatory pricing and deep discounts. The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which described the new unrest as a "direct war", described that "traders in the country will not allow another company from East India to appear in the country."

CAIT also said it seems that e-commerce companies do not heed the warning from the Minister of Commerce from time to time, they do not respect Indian laws and policies, and therefore, continue with their business model on their portal. , Which clearly violate FDI policy.

Previously, the E-Commerce Council wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting his intervention in distortions and violation of the FDI policy by e-commerce companies. He also requested the appointment of the Prime Minister to further discuss these issues. However, he has not yet been able to get any official response from Modi.

November for protests against e-commerce

CAIT's national president, BC Bhartia, and Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said the Merchants Authority is ready to launch a national movement to continue protests against e-commerce companies such as Flipkart and Amazon.

This is what CAIT planned in the coming months:

  • He also held a meeting of his National Council of Government in New Delhi on 10 November, with trade leaders from all states participating.

  • On November 13, CAIT delegations will submit a memorandum to all Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha parliamentarians across the country.

  • On November 20, protests will be held in about 200 cities across the country.

  • On November 25, the marchers' march will be organized in 500 provinces and a note will be handed over to the district collectors.

  • On November 28, protest marches will be held in more than 1,000 cities against the unethical business practices of these companies.

  • On December 2, the focus will be on traders in state capitals where thousands of traders are expected to participate. A delegation from the CAIT Council will present a memorandum to the key ministers of all States

  • A meeting of business leaders and traders will be held in Delhi on around 10 December

  • In January 2020, CAIT plans to hold a three-day National Traders Conference in Delhi with over 10,000 participants.

  • CAIT says that in addition to merchants, other retail stakeholders in the transportation, small industries, farmers, sellers, consumers and business groups will be asked to join the movement.

  • Also, leaders of national retail industry stakeholders' organizations were invited to the CAIT Council meeting on 10 November.
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