ITC Hotels to Eliminate Single-use Plastics by October End

One of India's largest luxury hotel chains, ITC Hotels has decided to eliminate the single-use plastics from its hotels by the end of October 2019. Fourteen Luxury collection ITC Hotels will completely stop the use of single-use plastics in the front of the house operations. While the back of the house of these premium hotels will stop using single-use plastics till December 2019, for which the work has already been started. This initiative is made in order to adopt sustainable practices. H C Vinayaka, ITC Hotels Division Technical, EHS, and Sustainability VP, said: "With responsible luxury as our guiding premise, ITC Hotels continues to uphold its commitment to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

These initiatives will end up reducing the total plastic consumption of ITC Hotels by 2.5 lakh Kilos of Plastic every year. Much of this waste includes more than 1 crore plastic water bottles, earbuds, straws, stirrers, toothbrushes, etc. The task will require huge efforts and a detailed plan to make these hotels single-use plastic-free. After a complete examination of the 14 hotels was done, it was found that 350 plastic items were used in the hotels out of which 160 items were made of single-use plastic. Out of these 160 items, only about 30-40 items were used in front of the house.

ITC Hotels is planning to install a bottling plant in the hotels which will help the hotel in washing and disinfecting the glass bottles after each use. Good quality Paper straws will also be used as well as the hotel also refuses to use wooden stirrers and instead use bamboo stirrers. Every small effort towards a sustainable ecosystem has been taken by the premium luxury hotel chain of India.

The front of the house area is the space that the hotel guests use and engage in, during their stay at the hotel. These areas include the hotel lobby, dining area, pool area, etc. While the back of the house area is the space that includes the kitchen, maintenance area, administrative office, and the pantry.

Dipak Haksar, the Chief Executive of ITC Hotels said in a statement: "ITC Hotels has been adopting sustainable practices for over two decades." He added, "We believe that for us to work towards a larger sustainable agenda, we need to choose partners and vendors with similar beliefs. As part of our 'greening the supply chain' initiative, we ensure that we sensitize our vendors and partners towards sustainable practices, thus eliminating the challenge at its root."

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