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Whatsapp To Soon Get A Web Version Which Will Work Without Your Phone

In the year 2015, WhatsApp updates were miles forward of its competition when it released the WhatsApp web version that reflected the chats, including shared multimedia from the Whatsapp mobile application. Despite such a great feature and succession, Whatsapp has the only restriction that the mobile phone should need to be connected with an active internet connection unless the users will not be able to use Whatsapp web. In other words, we can say that the WhatsApp is the mirrored image of what all conversations are taking place on the phone in real-time. If the mobile device goes out of internet connectivity, the conversation mirroring link that is connected through internet breaks, which results in making WhatsApp web inactive.


Till date, this is the only thing that makes the Whatsapp web users slightly irritating and unsatisfied. To overcome this issue, Whatsapp now decided to launch its new WhatsApp Web version in which the Whatsapp web users need not keep their mobile phone connected while using its web version.

It will be great news when people came to know about the latest WhatsApp updates, now the users will headaches freely be able to use WhatsApp web version even if their mobile phone is switched off, or out of reach, or not connected with the internet. In short, now you can text, send images and share multimedia without your phone using WhatsApp directly through its latest web version.

Intelligence predicted that the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is operating on a web version of the WhatsApp - one of the most popular messaging apps that a majority of text lovers use. As per the latest WhatsApp updates, the users will now be able to use it on a desktop even if their phone is out of internet connectivity. The role of the phone will totally be eliminated from its web version; now the WhatsApp web version can be independently used by those who are not having a mobile phone.

Lately, a few of the very well known news sources have stated on social media that the WhatsApp may launch its UWP (Universal Windows Platform) version of the messaging application, with the most advanced multi-platform conformity that implies that users could get admittance to profiles & chats of the same account on multiple devices.

The multi-platform conformity would further operate on the principles of WhatsApp UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and provide the conventional messaging interface of a single account on more than one device. The latest WhatsApp updates will be accessible for Windows, iOS, and well as Android mobile devices.

Along with the Web version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp messaging application is also proposing several other advantageous and exciting features in the last few months. The most advanced is PiP 2.0 mode, it enables the users to shift within chats even when they are busy browsing Facebook or watching YouTube videos in the background, is reckoned to move live quickly. The new range of WhatsApp amazing features that will supplement the efficiency of this texting application very soon incorporates voice message preview, a QR code, and dark mode.

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