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Why Donald Trump Cannot Steer The Global Car Market

It is much essential to automaker follow fuel economy. Fuel economy is one of the biggest problems in the world. It is most vital that we are reorganizing the car market. In the world, more than 55 million cars run recently. This world is facing fuel economy problem, and it keeps increasing. Mostly we have no fuel to spend. Honda Motor Co, ford motor co, this MNC Company stuck at the agreement with the state of California to save fuel economy in the whole world. Our major automobile companies follow the lead role to save fuel


Mostly the state represents the rule of Obama-era. In the world as an entire 800 billion people so there it is likely impossible to reset the global car market. According to 2025, the car market increased to around 23%. In that case, Toyota Company establishes new engine in cars to solve the fuel problem. The company tries to achieve a sort of improvement around 50% of car mileage over the entire course. While many companies are changing their fuel engine into an electric motor. Most of the company ensures that the next generation will be driving electric cars. Even the fuel problem must be solved after that the new electric vehicles introduce.

Why Donald Trump cannot solve the fuel economy, the answer will come at looking at the global picture. So, why can Donald trump not change the situation of the fuel economy and also the global car market? It is the most significant problem for car manufacturing and automobile company. Two decades ago, our rule mostly defined and shapes the car market in the world. But now we could not do anything. You know that the American and Asia account for five new cars globally. The fuel economy is deficient, and we have to do something to change the energy source. On the earth, we have server biggest problem. Energy would be the most massive problem if we did not do anything. Then the world has to be the end of its days.

Even China is also establishing a rule to solve this problem. America has weak to establish law and regulation. China has to take the finish line in the year 2025 to reduce pollution in its cities. China has to set up a strict rule in the primary care industries to gain electric cars. According to BMW and recent news that electric cars sell increased by 2 million in the next two year.

Significant impact on air pollution, most of the air pollution is happened by care. In every time the smoke billows from the car's exhaust. So, therefore, we must have to rethink about the fuel engine. Now the time has come to ban fuel engine car intend of we will use the electric vehicles to decrease air pollution. Most of the country is dangerous behalf of air pollution and climate change. In the population world largest second country, India also has serious about population, air pollution, and climate change.

Climate control is mainly depended on air pollution and the global car market. Even the primary source of climate change is air pollution, which is released by cars and industries. But Donald trump main focus point is the replacement global car market. Donald Trump will try to establish rule and regulation on the states of California or entire unite state America. Because of only California purchase of cars is about a total of 5% of America. United nation also takes this problem seriously. They work on it to change climate condition.

Consider the metal-bashing. This is the most advanced way to manufacturing industries have worked to improve fuel economy has been used aluminum intend of steel for the part making of cars. That can reduce the weight of part to improve car mileage. Their aluminum sells much more by iron, so it was entirely best for car manufacture. That explains why the oil lobby and the automobile company have been a different problem of issues, for the main problem are oil producers and refiners. It is mostly weak fuel-economy standards for an unambiguous win.

It is so crucial that we will introduce some good strategy to reduce fuel problem and increased fuel economy. Otherwise, the world has to be ready to stick itself is a huge problem. Because of that fuel is a must for every flying machine. If we are not tacking this problem seriously, then we have no alternative to save our world. Donald Trump has been creating the best strategy for keeping the fuel economy. Europe is already considering this problem for reducing the fuel problem. The world is in a difficult situation that we have changed our lifestyle to save the world

Automobile industries are making a new engine, which is highly effective in mileage. The automobile is also considered how to create a capable electric engine to respond to the next improving world. Now the electric motor is mostly recognized for saving energy. You know that power is the only source which neither create nor destroy. So we have only option to save energy. In case the all energy source are finishing then maybe world ending. Today's new car is highly effective but according to world population 50 billion vehicles running in the world

As major investors in the research and development, It is surprising to car manufacture that carmaker is introducing most stick rule and regulation on its new mass production. They have ensured that we have to change the old car manufacturing technique, which is not successful in the modern world. We have to make them unique and advance vehicles that are not running on fuel engine. In the new world, we have the most advanced motor, which entirely depends on solar energy. And also run by solar energy. Because of that, we have only a source of energy.

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