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The Lab-Grown Gems Threatening The Diamond Industry

Have you heard about the lab grown diamonds?

If you have but is in a dilemma about purchasing them or not, then we might help you making up your mind. Actually, lab grown diamonds are exactly a look alike of the original diamonds. If you are not an expert, then you might get bewildered by its sparkle and shine like many others. There are a few interesting facts about these lab grown diamonds. Have a look!

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They are not duplicates – Many people think these lab grown diamonds are duplicates of the original ones. But in reality they are no duplicates, but look alike ones. They are almost identical in terms of cuts and shine. They have the same physical and chemical properties as the mined diamonds. So now you know how come lab grown diamonds have that luster and sparkle?

Certified Diamonds – You must be amazed to know that these lab grown diamonds are 100% genuine and you can also get a certificate for them. This is to ensure the buyers that they are not investing in the duplicate diamonds and are also certified regarding this.

Similar Grade as to the mined Diamonds – Lab grown diamonds exactly possess all the qualities and properties like the original diamonds. This can be certified and crossed checked by the gemological labs as well. Every government regulation has been fulfilled in preparing these diamonds. This justifies the color, cut, carat and clarity that he lab grown diamonds have.

Manufactured under HPHT process – Many of us know that the original or mined diamonds are made under natural earth procedures conducted inside a mine. Similarly the lab grown diamonds are also processed under the High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) conditions. Many a times the Chemical Vapor Deposition process is also used to manufacture lab grown diamonds.

Miracle – Lab grown diamonds can be called as the technical miracle of modern mankind. You must have hardly heard about any such invention which is an imitation of the real product.

Eco Friendly – The Lab grown diamonds are very eco friendly in nature. Yes you read that right. They don’t disturb any natural processes of the earth. Whereas in case of mined diamonds, a large area of the earth is being occupied in the entire process.

Everlasting – Lab grown diamonds are everlasting just like the mined diamonds. They can never be destroyed or decomposed. They can never break or develop cracks and they are just everlasting. Amazing isn’t it!

Superb Pricing – Lab grown diamonds are comparatively less expensive as compared to the mined diamonds. These give a splendid look to the neck pieces, rings and earrings, they are embossed into.

Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Lab grown diamonds save significant amount of energy as compared to the mined diamonds. They are easy to recover from the earth’s crust than the original diamonds.
  • There is a huge price gap between the two types of diamonds. Mined diamonds or solitaires are the most expensive stone in the world. Whereas, the lab grown diamonds are quite affordable by all the income groups. You can effectively save up to 30% in purchasing the lab grown diamonds.
  • The mined diamonds have faced quite a lot of conflicts like they are blood diamonds. In the case of lab grown diamonds have no conflicts. They have simplified production processes and its source of origin.
  • You can vouch by the cuts and luster of the lab grown diamonds. They are absolutely identical to the mined diamonds. The chemical composition and properties of a lab grown diamonds are similar to the mined diamonds.


  • Lab grown diamonds made a negative impact on the economy of the countries. It has become a threat to the diamond industry. People prefer to purchase the more affordable and similar featured lab grown diamonds as compared to the mined diamonds. This has given rise to unemployment of the mine workers and this has led to downfall in the economy.
  • Though there are various claims regarding the luster and shine of the lab grown diamonds, there is still a lack in it when compared to the original solitaires. In spite of the production process being similar, the final product is somewhat lesser than the mined ones.

Though there are various advantages of the lab grown diamonds, but it is not free of any disadvantages as well. Whatever the comparison results may be, the lab grown diamonds are not exactly same as the mined ones. This is justifiable as a natural diamond takes over 100 years to develop. So it is natural that they might have some properties which are absent in the instantly lab grown diamonds. Moreover they have possessed a threat to the diamond industry as well.

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