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In Conversation with Mr. Vikas Arora, The Director and Founder of Tutelage professionals Pvt Ltd

He enlightens us with his journey till now and also provides us tips on how to make start ups work. Do check out the interview below: When did you think of s

Business2business had a personal and an insightful interview with Mr. Vikas Arora,  who is actively working on developing a women centric app that will ensure their safety any time and at place drawing attention from the community. Making workplace safer for women has become a challenge now which he wishes to address with a long-term solution that will improve the safety measures and make the women folk feel safer.

He is the Director and Founder of Tutelage professionals Pvt Ltd, is a commerce graduate and MBA with specialization in HR from ITM. Before founding Tutelage he worked in leadership position with large conglomerate like Reliance Communications Ltd, Deloitte and Accutest Research Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

He enlightens us with his journey till now and also provides us tips on how to make start ups work. Do check out the interview below:

When did you think of starting your own brand and and what was your reason for starting up?

I was working in the capacity of a director HR for an IT firm in 2010 and I have always thought of creating value and creating difference to people's life somewhere the objective for me to get into human resources was getting defeated and in November, 2011 I started up with my venture v4c.

What's your Mission?

The mission was very clear I wanted to create difference to people's life in the way of training and providing candidate portfolio management where I would not just recruit them for a client but also show them the road map to move to the next ladder in the corporate world.

To what do you attribute your success?

I attribute my success to the people who told me that doing business without funding you will never be able to succeed, I also attribute my success to people who said you will not be able to achieve it easily, I also attribute my success towards filling up the gaps in the industry or becoming a bridge 2 in on the loose ends when I say this what I mean is ideation to creation to getting it come to life with the support of Technology and innovation.

What are the bottlenecks you have been facing and where do you see your organisation five years down the lane?

The biggest bottleneck that I have faced was the ideas and the innovations which were created and launched never got funded either they were too ahead of their time or probably the  investors were not ready, as of today I see a similar kinds of projects getting funded and doing pretty well in the industry I only wish that if I had the capability and the capacity to sustain on those projects for couple of years more the market would have surely got mature enough to fund this kind of projects.

Where do I see 5 years down the line, well this time again there is something new and innovative which is going to fill the industry gap and I am planning to sustain this for couple of years till the time the market is not mature enough to fund it and make it larger than life I would like to add one thing- industry gaps to ideas and creations coming to life with the help of technology is the key to success in today's world.

What would be one piece of advice to someone just starting out?

Identify the Industry that they should solve the problem of  for the people.  Being innovative and bringing the creativity to life should be different than what others are already doing. If you wish to stand out have the courage to be innovative and more importantly have faith on yourself.

If you weren't an entrepreneur, what would you be doing?

I don't know what I would have been doing if I would have not been an entrepreneur probably nothing that's the only thing I know today and I never talk anything else to being something else or someone else.

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