6 Best Security Plugins To Keep Your Wordpress Site Safe And Secure

There are various ways in which your site could be the victim of security issues; outdated plug-ins and themes that are unsupported by their developers could be

Does it constantly worry you that your site might get hacked into by notorious cyber criminals? Well, that could very well happen if your WordPress site is not properly secured. Creeps all around these days! 

There are various ways in which your site could be the victim of security issues; outdated plug-ins and themes that are unsupported by their developers could be one of them.

Being a website developer, these security issues aren’t really the news to you, are they? You must have had a basic idea about these security breaches before you decided to jump into the business. So, what makes WordPress the victim of security breaches? Blame it on the ‘faulty’ plug-ins. Let me break it to you, they are no longer monitored and supported by their developers. How sad!

What’s the solution? To get rid of evil, you need a hero and your heroes for these problems are ‘trustworthy’ plugins.

The anti-creep WordPress saviors-

Here, you’ll find three major types – anti-spam, log-in protection and the all-rounders.

The Best Anti-Spam Plug-Ins –

Below are two of most popular anti-spam plug-ins of recent times.

WPBruiser –

This one is a ‘two-in-one’ plug-in; it blocks all spammers as well as takes strong actions against forced brute attacks. This genius blocks the spammers from getting in under the disguise of contact forms as well as blocks those which try to get in through comment fields. Yeah, those creeps.

Still thinking about why you should consider this one? Its two punches in one. Still not sure? Look at the next one below.

Akismet –

It’s a member of the Automatic plug-in family. Often you find vicious identities trying to spam through comments. It’s amazing to see how jobless these people can get! You don’t really want those nasty comments to be seen by your beloved reader and followers. So, what do you do? Take help from the Akismet plug-ins to straightaway handle those comments. This is one of the best options you’ll come across today.

Want something else? How about the nested category?

Two Of The Best Log In Protection Plugins –

Looking for protection from forced brute attacks? Check out the plug-ins below.

Loginizer –

Often you’ll find that there have been multiple attempts by unknown entities to log in to your website. Ah! They won’t let you chill in peace, will they?

This plug-in simply limits the number of login attempts to your WordPress website. By doing this the possibility of forced brute attacks are reduced considerably. What’s more? You get a free one for trial purposes. Never say no to free. (just kidding). So, if you like how it works you can upgrade it for better functioning.

Check out the next warrior.

Cerber Security And Anti-Spam

Again, this is a two in one plugin. On one hand, it is anti-spam, on the other it provides log in protection. One of the best options to defeat those creeps.

Other than limiting the number of login attempts made by unknown entities, it also helps to stop forced entries by adding reCAPTCHA or changing the admin address. Also, it tackles the stammers by kicking them out before they can reach you through contacts or comment area. Now you can go ahead and ask those creeps to ‘deal with it’.

So, you’re not easily satisfied are you? Well, the next ones are surely going to get you thinking.

The All-Rounder Security Plug-Ins

You must have guessed it by the name. These cover all the security issues or at least try to do so.

All In One WP Security –

If you want all your security issues to be taken care of by one plug-in, you should definitely consider this one. It will cover almost all aspects like the user account security, standard security scans, blacklisting or whitelisting IP addresses, restoration in a click, automatic database backup, enabling the firewall, maintaining file security, blocking spammers, security from forced brute attacks etc. Well, sounds impressive right?

Check out the next one.

Defender –

Yes, it does defend your website against malicious intentions of unknown entities. This one is available for free in the repository of WordPress; also it remains as a part of the WPMU DEV membership that’s available. Nice!

It provides the following features – security fixes that you recommend, customized as well as automatic security scans, two-factor authentication process while logging in, up to date security keys, file, and code scanning to keep unauthorized changes in check, limiting login attempts, let’s you know in case your site gets blacklisted, IP and Bot lockout in case you suspect wrongdoing, up to 10 GB of snapshot backup. Ah! A lot going on out there.

Now, choose one quickly before those notorious hacks choose you.

Conclusion –

If you don’t want plug-ins for specific purposes only, you could use the all-rounder plugins. Choose wisely to stay safe.

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