The Highest Currencies Of The World

However, some of the currencies stay on the top always giving a consistent idea of the currency power. The chart looks topless without them. Kuwaiti Dinar

When it comes to the highest currency in the world, we are referring to the exchange value of Indian currency. Though the rates fluctuate yet, they do not jump up and down abruptly. Are you aware that it is the money markets worldwide that control the ups & downs of the exchange rates?

However, some of the currencies stay on the top always giving a consistent idea of the currency power. The chart looks topless without them.

Kuwaiti Dinar

The currency of Kuwait is Dinar. Wish it were dinner. The oil-rich country is very strong economically and is located in the Middle East. The Kuwaiti Dinar is presently the highest valued currency amongst all in the world. One Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to INR 225.62 as on date.

Bahraini Dinar

It is another highest valuable currency in the world when compared with the Indian rupee. The currency code of the Bahraini Dinar is BHD having BD as the currency symbol.  It is the second most valued currency in the world, and 1 BD is equivalent to INR 180.72 at this moment. Paper oil to be on top gear.

Omani Rial

The currency of Oman is the Omani Rial. Oman is one of the countries that are rich in oil, the liquid money.  The currency code of Rials is OMR.  When you exchange one Omani Real, you will get INR 177.34 as of today with little fluctuations here and there on the long run but not that much. Start oiling to get benefits.

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Jordanian Dinar

It is another high-value currency in comparison to Indian Rupee. The Jordanian Dinar has a code of JOD. This Middle Eastern country is also rich in oil and has a high value of its currency. If you want to buy One Jordanian Dinar right this moment, you have to spend 96.11 Indian Rupees. Earn them to have more fun.

The British Pound

It is always expected that the British Pound will find a place on the list. A powerful developed country commands the world economy still today. The British Pound, the currency of the UK, has the currency code GBR. The currency symbol is £.  If you want to sell one pound today, you will get 90.62 INR. Always there is a presence of royal charm in them.

Gibraltar Pound

This is the currency of Gibraltar. The symbol is £. This African nation has a high value of the currency that many of you might not be aware.  You have to cough up 91.05 Indian rupees to buy one Gibraltar pound. Supporting the proverb “rock of Gibraltar” in truest sense. 

Cayman Island Dollar

The Cayman Island dollar is another valuable currency to buy with Indian rupees. One KYD $ is equal to 91.93 Indian rupees. Don’t mix with the reptile.

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It is not a currency of any country but represents the European Union. It is used for trade and commerce. One Euro is equal to 79.42 INR.

Though these may be some of the currencies that are highest regarding exchange value, it is the US $ that is most powerful and accepted worldwide for trade and commerce even in a change in White House.  

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