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10 Best Social Media Platform For Promotion

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 best social media platforms for promotions. Facebook  Isn't it an obvious fact that Facebook h

Social media platforms have grown to be a huge success in the 21st century. All of us love surfing through the social apps, don't we? 

In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 best social media platforms for promotions.


Isn't it an obvious fact that Facebook has to be the number one in our list. With millions of users active every minute and more than a billion account created, Facebook is the best and the most popular social media platform that has been ever created. Therefore it becomes a great place to advertise different things for the huge audience to see.

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Another brilliant app with almost 700 million active users every day, Instagram has been a top contender in the advertising market, giving stiff competition to the other social media platforms. Instagram is a great application for business and promoting any product or service.

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A very creative social media platform, Pinterest has been a favorite among millions of people. The audience surf through the app in search of creative content and to connect with various artists and other people. Therefore, Pinterest can be a great medium for promotions.


Well, there's nothing too much to do in Snapchat but It allows users to interact with each other only through the medium of posting or sending pictures. With over a billion downloads and millions of active users, every day and it can be a great promotional platform.

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YouTube is a social media platform which probably needs no introduction, and all of us access this application at least once every day. YouTube has over 1.5 billion users every month, and therefore it can help to reach a great number of people via advertising in the videos.


Even though there are people who do not use Twitter popularly, there are also millions of people who love to tweet using the app. Using different hashtags, one can spread an advertisement to a huge section of people who are active every day. If you want to follow your favorite celebrities then this is the place.

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This is a platform which is driven more towards spreading business and reaching people who are related to various businesses. Therefore, LinkedIn being a business platform itself can help a promotion reach millions of users, and it has a huge network of people connected to each other via the website or app.


Google+ is an effective platform that can easily help your website or another advertisement to rank up the Google search results easily. Promoting something on Google+ not only exposes the content to its 357 million active users but also helps Google to understand what your content actually is.


Even though there are much better social media platforms to advertise and promote a particular service or product, Yelp plays a significant role in promoting your brand name and your business ratings by a significant margin. It has around 175 million monthly users, and this allows your business to connect with other people easily.


You get mail notifications probably every hour of the day. Almost everyone on this planet has an email id, and with the help of Gmail, you can send push notifications to your users for advertising on promoting something.

So these are the top 10 social media platforms which will help you to promote a particular service or product. 

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