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The sensational launch by Instagram

The best part of the IGTV is that it will not feature any ads. This is a very good alternative to the traditional television, featuring vertical videos from pop

A new long-form, vertical video hub called IGTV has been launched by Instagram on 20th June 2018. This new app is meant to allow the users to upload vertical videos up to 1 hour. This new channel will operate from both within the Instagram app and via a separate app for the Android and iOS users. It is meant for smartphone users, is a very simple and high-quality hub. The videos will be vertical videos that are produced by Instagram’s top creators and curated depending on the past viewing history of Instagram users.

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The best part of the IGTV is that it will not feature any ads. This is a very good alternative to the traditional television, featuring vertical videos from popular internet artists, celebrities and pets. It has a great selection of videos and once you choose a video, you can tap the background so as to view it in full-screen mode. You have the option of liking the video, commenting on it and sharing it with others. Each video can be as long as 1 hour and you can post your own, customized video of maximum one-hour via the app or Instagram and create your own channel, much like YouTube. When you open the dedicated app, IGTV will start playing immediately and you can choose to follow different channels to view a range of videos.

This app has been specifically made because nowadays people are watching less TV and more online videos via various apps. Instagram has intensified its competition with YouTube for users’ time among streaming services. Even though the app does not support any ad at present, yet in future, it is expected to have ads.

IGTV app allows the creators to upload videos in a vertical-video format because that is the way everyone uses the phones. The app is already available on Play Store for downloading. You can also upload your own videos of about 4k content and the duration can be a maximum of 60 minutes long. If you are following someone on Instagram, then automatically you will follow that person on IGTV. You only need to login with your Instagram account on the IGTV app. The video allows you to pause or skip to a certain moment. You will feel like switching on a TV as you open the app, it will start playing automatically.

However, IGTV lacks certain features and needs some changes to be done over time to cater to the needs of all the users. A vertical video format is a good option, but the app should also have space for a horizontal format too as many users prefer it. It should also accommodate data saving measures. Users should have the option of choosing a certain resolution while playing a video in order to save data. The automatic video-playing feature as soon as you open the app should be made optional for a user to switch it off if needed to save mobile data.

Overall, IGTV will no doubt be a big thing in the next few months with reality shows, music videos, serials and many other options.

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