Life Made Easy With The Gmail Tools

Gmail has been used by millions of people since time immemorial. Thinking why? It has a number of advantages over a large number of other email service provider

Email has been the oldest form of communication since the time that internet had started leaving an impact on our lives. But that’s not all, gradually many of the email services like Rediff mail, Yahoo, Hotmail; Gmail came along and became the most trusted among the others that also started their journey. 

Gmail has been used by millions of people since time immemorial. Thinking why? It has a number of advantages over a large number of other email service providers and is comparatively much easier to use. But that’s not all. You see, it has multiple features and is constantly upgrading for more new and useful features, thereby drawing more and more users. The new Gmail features have definitely made life very easy. Tempting right? Well, this article discusses in details all the new features that have been introduced by Gmail.

The New Gmail Features

The new features of Gmail will give you a brand new experience of using the internet. Have a look into these new features which will make your experience memorable for a lifetime.

  1. Check out the panel to the right side: When you open Gmail, do you find new options on the right side of the window? It is a panel which has icons that will Google Keep, Google Calendar and many more other features that are absolutely new. However, one doesn't have to open a new webpage or new tab altogether. This panel has made it extremely easy to stay at the inbox page and manage the emails by using the “drag and drop” option for adding emails to the “Tasks”.
  2. Tired of work emails on holidays? Gmail has a new feature with the help of which one can snooze emails. Snoozing an email means making the email disappear for some time after choosing and then after the expiration of the allotted time, the email again reappears like a brand new email. You can now take action.
  3. Don’t have enough time for replying to urgent work emails? The smart reply is that feature in Gmail which provides three different options to choose your reply from. These replies are automatically generated. Just a click and your reply will be sent.
  4. Plus feature is another great innovation in Gmail which allows you to attach a CC without having to leave the body of any message.
  5. Keep forgetting important emails? Nudging is a feature that will help you to be assured that you do not forget to reply to any email.
  6. Notifications of higher priority: While one has access to Gmail via the mobile phone, he will have the option of customizing the emails that will prompt an alert on the phone, tablet or any other portable gadget; therefore cutting down the number of the interruptions that keep taking place throughout the day.
  7. Hovercards and the display density are also other new aspects of Gmail.
  8. Another new feature is to be available soon which will help to work through your email even without an internet connection.
  9. Looking for something to avoid emails permanently? Gmail has that too! The assistive Unsubscribe feature studies the emails that you interact with and helps you to unsubscribe to the unnecessary emails.

Gmail also has a confidential mode of sending emails which can be of a huge help to you.

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