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Reasons for not liking to work at startups

Startup business has been growing exponentially over time. No matter where you look for your job, you will find a vacancy in an amazing new startup. It might seem very exciting to join one in the first instance. But you must know the various problems related to your career and life associated with working there.

Many people have shown their disinterest in working at such a company even if it looks like a lucrative job. It is true that your designation may be full of potential but there are certain dangerous facts related to working in such a company that you should know. Check out the most important reasons why people hate to work in a startup business.

Not worth the salary: People are not paid what they are worth. You will not be paid handsomely in exchange for the hectic hours you spend on the company. You will be paid below the market rate in such a company unless it has become highly profitable or it has secured funding. This is why people opt for some higher-paying company as a good alternative.

You have to work hard each day: You are prepared to work hard for any job but there is a different story about working with startups. You will have to work like a maniac for hectic hours every week. You will also need to work at your home to keep up the pace. You will not have any work-life balance. Most people are not willing to work for ten to twelve hours a day for little pay.

Lack of proper structure: These businesses do not have any formalized structure. You will expect the place to be very chaotic each day you arrive at work. You need to be on your toes all the time every day, otherwise, you will not survive working in such organizations.

No proper training: You will have to figure out how to do things on your own. There will not be any employee training or a mentor to guide you in your job. You are expected to hit the ground running as soon as you are hired. If your employer has good knowledge and comes from a management background, then he or she can still guide you or motivate you to reach your goal. But you are expected to learn most of the work on your own and complete them.

Incurring expenses: Young companies do not have enough funds. So you may be expected to incur expenses when it comes to investing in media, clients and other investors. Often, people have to pay out of their pockets when dealing with media, advertisement, clients, etc. Due to the lack of cash flow, employees tend to incur the costs.

These reasons compel many employees to leave such organizations. Keeping these risks aside, people have admitted that they learned a lot in a year than they did in their college life. However, there are negatives as discussed above which bar people from working in the start-ups.


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