Let us tell you how to choose between fixed and hourly payments?

But you must understand that on what should your choice depend in the first place? Well, there are many factors on which your choice depends! Understanding thes

Are you planning to outsource the vendors? Did you consider or decide on how to pay them yet? If you have already decided without evaluating then think again! You might be wrong.

One of the hardest choices is between fixed cost and the Hourly payment! Are you too stuck between these? Then it is high time you read the entirety of this article to know more! We will help you get an insight about what maybe the best for you.


But you must understand that on what should your choice depend in the first place? Well, there are many factors on which your choice depends! Understanding these completely will be very helpful.

So what are these factors?

Following are the various factors that help you in the process of understanding that what way you must choose:

The completely defined project:

This is sincerely the very first factor that you must sort out. Your vendor must be aware of the project in a proper way. The method of ensuring that it is well defined should be followed. You must understand that until and unless a proper communication is transferred nothing can be done at all.

And this is exactly why the people must, in fact, make sure that they are defining the project. This will very easily help you ensure that the payment method is also becoming clear for you.

The efficiency of the vendor:

This is another thing that must be well tested and carefully selected from. You must be absolutely aware that when you get quotations and notifications from too many vendors then you must be careful. Check with the skill and experience of each. See if they are matching your criteria no matter how new they are. Check that if they can be trusted with the project at all? Understanding these will in themselves help you understand that what these actually are.

Understand all about the rates:

You must be aware of the fact that the rates and the method how you fix on one can only be possible have if only you have knowledge about them in and out. This is really necessary for you in so many instances. You must understand that what exactly is the fixed rate and what are its features? Same goes for the hourly rates as well. This is one of the most important reasons why you must make sure that the concept of the rates is all clear to you.

Defining effort:

You have to be extremely clear about the fact that what kind of effort are you looking for. You must have an idea about the fact that what should the effort actually be like? The effort must be absolutely defined no matter what! You should define it all by yourself as well as make it clear to the vendors. You must be clear about what your expectations are! This will help you define the rates as well.

As already mentioned, these are just a few things that must be defined and one of the most important is that of the understanding of the rates. So let us tell you that what the features of these rates are!

The hourly rates:

  • You will find most of the vendors opting for these.

  • The hourly projects, in fact, encourage the vendors to spend some time on it. Of course, they know the more number of hours they work, the better for them!

  • But if you have such great vendors, there are high chances that they will complete the work faster for you. This will give them chances to move on to better projects!

The fixed rates:

  • In case of the projects that are related to the software, the fixed rate projects are bad options. And must be completed at the last.

  • In case they are not well defined, they can absolutely fail you. Of course, if significant changes are not expected then things will work ok.

  • It, in fact, carries an amount of discipline for both the parties equally.

These are some of the features of both the projects. In case, you want to make the best of the rates, then these factors and features must be equally considered no matter what! If you ensure these, then the most relevant results will be yours.


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