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A Comparison between The Two App Development Mode- Native Vs React Native

Do you want to create your own mobile app??? Well then, that must be supportive of the commonly used OS- either Android or the iOS. Or do you want to develop the app for both of the platforms?


Well, I must say that the demand is for both and it is much more acceptable.

Now you have an option to choose between. So let’s get to the main point now.

Native and react native- both can be used by developers

To build the app you need to take the help of either the native application or the react native framework. Both are good at their point but also have some difference in being the best.

So today, we have shared some of the very important viewpoints of these two:

Let me give you an idea about both of them.

Native Application

If you want to develop the apps for a specific platform, a native application is the suitable one. While people are talking much about the Android and iOS, so while using native for android the developer has to do so in Android studio with the help of languages-Java and Kotlin. While for the iOS the language used is the Objective C and the Swift.

React native Application

Now we will come to the open source framework in the facebook- react native. It is an actual concept of the mobile development. The entire task is being done on Javascript, while you get the result in react native.

So here goes the brief description about them both.

Why do people compare between them?

Now why this question comes every time: native versus react native…

React native is stepping ahead from the native one. You can get the platform independent mobile app in the to react native. The framework behind the scene doesn’t distinguish between the two platforms.

But on the other hands, it is the native one which is different for the different platforms. Talking about the underlying API’s well, they are also different for each case.

So react native is having a big advantage for the deployment in any of the platforms.

Next coming to another point, react native always beckons the app developers for its flexible learning techniques. Every tool and architecture that is being used in the framework of the react native is known to the web developers.

It’s like they have gone through all these before too. Web development is similar like with the javascript, getting the CSS support for the user interface of the app whose tags are like the HTML ones. For the debugging, you can have your all favorite chrome.

Choose the easier one

So got the points which the web developers prefer or the mobile development???

Apps are being developed by many people. So every people should look for the easiest one.

So, now we will let you know which one is the easiest one…

React native deals with the javascript and basically, it is the easy one than the objective C, Java or the swift.

Well, there are disadvantages too

But javascript is a language which can have a risk of numerous errors as it is not under the category of strict language. While the other options are highly strict and will minimize the errors. They already deal with the error even before the code is being run.

Well, that does not mean that using the javascript is a totally no. You can get all the deficiencies answered in the Google for you.

So comparing both, it can surely be said that the React native is the easier one.

What about the documentation?

Coming to the documentation part still, now everyone is getting the similar praise. Whether it’s the swift or the react native, documentation is question less for both. You can get the helpful tips from Facebook and code sample of the react native too.

It has a long information given on both still now.

Is confusion still loitering in your mind?

So what do you think now about it? Are you confusing them as the alternatives of each other?

Absolutely, NO they is not alternatives to each other. Swift or the native is the option for the mainstream iOS development whereas react native is having specialized features. So their requirements are totally different.

Now coming to the end part of the article, being an app developer you should have knowledge about both. But if they are the simple ones, then react native can be the right option.

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