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RIP Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is finally plugged off today. The good old Messenger has been pulled off after 21 years. The announcement of putting curtains on it had come in June where Yahoo mentioned that its messenger service will no longer work but Fantasy and Yahoo Mail will continue to work as usual.

Yahoo had dominated the internet with its messenger service even before Google’s Gmail gained prominence and WhatsApp became a part of our life. It was clearly ahead of its time and was a very cool thing in the early 2000s. Every individual had a Yahoo ID and recognized the red, yellow and green colours. Red meant not available, green meant available and yellow was for busy.

The messenger was known for the chat rooms where people could talk to each other in Group Chats. You could easily meet random people in the Chat room and exchange email IDs. It also gave rise to the term ASL which meant age, sex and location. This would take the conversation ahead. However, most of them used fake IDs since people would be talking to random strangers. Emojis have been in existence for many years as well. Even before they became popular, Yahoo had them.

With WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram gaining performance, Yahoo Messenger had to bid farewell. Yahoo has not been able to make progress in the highly competitive app market. It has been acquired and has also faced data breaches in addition to other problems. Yahoo stated in its farewell post that it is working on a replacement product which is an invite-only messaging app called Yahoo Squirrel. This app is in the beta stage of development yet. Users will no longer be able to sign in to their account but they can download their chat history on any device by the end of November 2018.


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