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Samsung ready to welcome us to the foldable future

After an amazing response from GalaxyS9 and GalaxyS9+, the consumers have high expectations and hopes from the company and Samsung holds a huge responsibility t

Yes! Foldable phones are coming and we can’t keep calm already. With rumors to be launching The Samsung Galaxy X by August 2018, it has been delayed towards the end of February 2019. We believe that Samsung is striving to achieve sheer perfection in user experience and wants to make sure to build the best world’s usable foldable phone!

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After an amazing response from GalaxyS9 and GalaxyS9+, the consumers have high expectations and hopes from the company and Samsung holds a huge responsibility to prove themselves the best once again. Since Samsung would be the first company to bring this evolution, it provides them with a major advantage though Apple has the resources and the power to replicate within no time.

There are speculations that there would be a no-notch display; it seems like Samsung wouldn’t go down that route. There will be an inbuilt display fingerprint scanner, edge-to-edge infinity display and a super sharp display which could mean a pixel density of 600ppi. Ice Universe also announced that the handset would be 5G and would also consist of a neutral processing chip.

Some other features stated are:

  • L shaped battery

  • 3D AI processing with the camera

  • 3 OLED screens

  • 5-6GB RAM

And what about the camera? With those extra screens to consider, it's possible that we'll see a modest camera spec so it doesn't interfere too much with the displays. Samsung probably has its hands full trying to work out the display technology without worrying too much about the camera.

There is no concrete information revealed about the price. But the price would not at all be cheap considering the number of features and advancements that have been made to the handset. Since Samsung S9 was priced around 720$, there are rumors that Samsung GalaxyX would be priced around 800$. The Korean maker on the celebration of its tenth anniversary is making an entry in the field of folding OLED technology and has attached another series to the Galaxy version.

Well, it’s not the first time that a company has thought about this unique concept. Way back in 2011, the company showed a prototype of exactly that and ever since they have promised its release. After the entire team’s efforts and research of over 7 years, they are finally going to produce them in the coming November as speculated.

There’s lots of talk of a late 2018 or early 2019 launch, but it’s not the first time that a questionably close launch has been rumored. And we cannot expect the Samsung GalaxyX before 2019 since a Samsung employee has said that's the earliest we'd expect to see it. But behind the scenes, promising progress does seem to have been made. Over the years many problems have been solved- let it be making a screen that can be folded thousands of times or avoiding any kind of damage to internal components.

Well, we hope that Samsung wouldn’t make their fans upset or let the foldable phone remain a rumor for them.

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