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Air India Express and IndiGo among the cheapest airlines in the world

Low-cost carriers Air India Express and IndiGo have been ranked among the top five cheapest airlines in the world that provide international connectivity. There were two other Indian carriers that also featured in the list. India’s air carrier Jet Airways gained the 12th place which was followed by Air India at the 13th position. Air India Express is a wholly owned subsidiary of Air India and has been ranked second in the list while IndiGo is placed at the fifth position.

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The report known as Global Flight Pricing Report has been prepared by Melbourne based Rome2rio which is a multi-modal travel planning website. It compared 200 major airlines across different continents by the average price per kilometer with Air Asia X taking the top position. It has an average of USD 0.07 per km. The report took into account the economy class airfares that were displayed by Rome2rio in the first two months of the year which totaled to 1.5 million price points.

Air India Express connects Singapore and Gulf countries and has an average cost of $0.08 per km and IndiGo $0.10 per km. IndiGo connects Indian cities with Bangkok, Kathmandu, Colombo and Gulf countries. As per the report, four out of the top five cheapest airlines in the world are in Asia.

Apart from the three, Primera Air and Indonesia AirAsia have been put in the list of top five. No airlines from the US or UK found a place in the top 10 affordable airlines. Ryanair, Etihad, Wow Air, Qantas and Virgin Australia were featured in the list of top 10 affordable airlines.

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