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MCU has marveled India in the last five years

Black Panther, this year’s release grossed more than INR 50 crore within 13 days in India and raked in INR 13.75 crore in the opening weekend. Black Panther i

Films from Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen a huge fan base in the country

These days, Indians are asking the Google search engine about the latest Hollywood offering and the 18th film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe-Avengers: Infinity War. In the list of countries asking maximum questions regarding the multi–starrer, India stands third. Studio President, Kevin Feige stated that India is an important market for Marvel studios; the interest amid Indian moviegoers has increased over the last five years.

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Black Panther, this year’s release grossed more than INR 50 crore within 13 days in India and raked in INR 13.75 crore in the opening weekend. Black Panther is not the only Marvel film to have received a strong response from the Indian audience. Films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have seen a huge fan base in the country in the last five years. The third part of Iron Man had released in Indian Cinemas on April 26, 2013 and it witnessed a strong growth in the collections as compared to the previous two parts. Iron Man 3 registered a growth of 300 percent over the second part of the movie.

2014 showed Captain America: The Winter Soldier registered a growth of 2,628 percent over the first move Captain America: The First Avenger. In 2016, Captain America: Civil War hit screens and it registered a growth of 175 percent over the second movie and 7,412 percent over the first one. The first film was release in 2012 followed by the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. The first Avengers movies grossed over INR 70 crores and its sequel surpassed it by recording a collection of INR 77 crore in India.

Similar trend can be seen with the Thor franchise which saw its 2017 release Thor Ragnarok roar at the box office. Its third installment in Marvel Cinematic Universe surpassed the collection of the first two films. It grossed more than INR 35 crore in the first five days. In November 2013, Thor: The Dark World made INR 10.39 crore at the time of its opening and did a total business of INR 24.02 crores in India. Its next film generated a collection of INR 23.38 crore. Other films like Doctor Strange and SpiderMan: Homecoming grossed INR 34 crore and INR 72 crore respectively. Further, the Guardians of Galaxy franchise also saw growth rising in the country. Its first installment, Guardians of Galaxy earned INR 15.79 crore in India and the next movie, Guardians of Galaxy volume 2 earned INR 22.88 crore. About 32 films from the MCU have hit the Indian theatres and generated more than 100 admissions.

This shows that Marvel movies have gained traction in the country so much so that some movies like Avengers: Infinity War is likely to become the highest grossing movie in India with an opening collection of INR 15 crore or more. Indian viewers are looking forward to the new genres of movies released in the country.

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