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Moto Camera update ahead of Moto G6 launch

The Moto G6 is all set to get to the public by April 19th. It is commemorating a design once withheld by the Moto X. The handsets are all out with 18:9 aspect ratio display, with a 5.7” 720p screen. It loads a 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor and boasts a 3000mAh battery cell. The memory aspects are 4GB for RAM and 64GB for ROM. There is a 12MP camera at the back with a 16MP camera in front, and the Android Oreo 8.0 decks the entire package.

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With so many things going on at the same time, the company decided to focus on hiking the camera app specifications in the middle of the launch. The updates of the app have been made available within the Google Play Store now. The update is also supposedly arriving in phases and different people will receive the update at different times. First spotted by 9to5 Google, this app update with a refurnished icon hopefully holds some significant promise to be an unannounced mid-season modification.

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This camera is claimed to be an added feature of the Moto G6 and it has been revamped with a new user interface. The icon, to begin with, has changed its standard hexagonal shape into a more modernized design, against a fairly plain background of a dark-blue tint. The default screen has 3 different sections for photos, videos, and mode select, swipe screen options between panorama, slow-mo and settings. There are toggle options above for flash, timer, HDR and manual selections. The dual camera phones can see a button at the top for camera switch options. The “settings” option is now a separate page instead of being a sub-selection.

The new userspace is made with the best visibility for options with the separation of different setups in separate screens. There is also an added switch option between auto and manual, arriving with the ones already mentioned above.

Beholding this Moto Camera UI it seems like entering something out of the ordinary we are habituated upon. Let us all patiently wait for the launch next week.


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