Top 10 food delivery companies in India 2018

Foodpanda: The first online food delivery portal launched in India, Foodpanda has a presence in 50 countries across the world. It includes more than 15,00

Food delivery companies have changed the face of dining scenario in the country. Your favorite restaurants are now delivering the favorite dishes to your doorstep. The biggest advantage is you can save money on the food orders using wallets and coupons. With speedy service and free delivery, you can enjoy your favorite meal on your couch. Here are the top 10 food delivery companies in the country in 2018.

  1. Foodpanda: The first online food delivery portal launched in India, Foodpanda has a presence in 50 countries across the world. It includes more than 15,000 restaurants and brings a variety of cuisines to your doorstep. They offer a 24*7 delivery and accept payment through major wallets and have a COD option.

  2. Zomato: Zomato is here to help you pick the right restaurant for the date and will also give you company if you choose to stay at home and order in. Its food delivery option is one of the brand’s most successful offerings and delivers from 25,000 restaurants out of which 9,000 are exclusive to Zomato. It shows Zomato ratings which allow you to experiment with something new based on the user reviews and offers deals on deliveries.

  3. Food Mingo: Food Mingo offers food delivery since 2012 and currently operates across Pune, Hyderabad, Aurangabad and Bengaluru. It also offers the facility to book tables at the restaurants of your choice in addition to allowing users to order food online. You can also track the orders with ease.

  4. Swiggy: The convenient food delivery services works on tracking and location. It is ideal for those who love delicious food without having to wait for a table in the restaurant. It does not have a minimum order value which makes it a highly preferred delivery app for many.

  5. Hola Chef: The unique delivery service curate a range of regional Indian packaged foods and gourmet which will make your dining experience unique. It offers hot, tasty and fresh food curated by a range of chefs who cook the signature regional dishes for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. They use fresh ingredients and deliver piping hot food every day. They have a gourmet range of packaged food which is delivered to you in no time.

  6. Scootsy: This is an intra-city delivery service which is operational in Mumbai. It delivers from the best restaurants and also delivers from food stores, toy stores, gift shops, fashion outlets and more. Their delivery service is available only in Powai, Cuffe Parade, Ghatkopar and JVPD currently and they offer everything you want within an hour.

  7. FreshMenu: FreshMenu is an ideal choice for those who want a freshly cooked meal without cooking. They serve world cuisines cooked with fresh ingredients and offer tons of healthy options cooked by expert chefs. They change the menu daily and ensure that the food is delivered in the shortest time.

  8. Innerchef: InnerChef offers gourmet do it yourself recipe kits, ready to eat meals and healthy eats in addition to decadent desserts and detox cleanses. Whatever you are craving, you can order online and enjoy it from your home. Gift yourself a day with healthy collection of all day detox and detox diets which include smoothies, parfaits, freshly pressed juices, soups, salads and more. They are serving in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi currently.

  9. Box8: An ideal destination for Desi meals, they offer Indian food infused with delicate flavors and infused with spices delivered right at your doorstep. They also offer a late night delivery option which is operational till 1 AM. They currently serve more than 60 locations across Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

  10. Faasos: This is a single point to order all your food starting from breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, starters and desserts. They have covered 10,000 orders in a day across India and recorded a growth rate of 20-25 per cent month on month. It operates in 16 cities in the country currently.

With delicious food easily delivered to your doorstep, you can take Netflix and Chill quite seriously and enjoy your favorite dishes in the comfort of your home.


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