Top 10 largest logistics companies in 2018 India

Indian Railways: The IRCTC is one of the world’s largest logistics companies. It also has the fourth largest network in the world and covers 8,500 stati

The logistics market in India is growing by leaps and bounds. It is expected to be worth $307 billion by 2020. India spends about 14.4 percent of the GDP on logistics and transportation. The industry is expected to grow at 16 percent in the coming years with the inflow of new investment. The growth in the country is driven by manufacturing, e-commerce and retail. We have listed the top 10 largest logistics companies in the country in 2018:

  1. Indian Railways: The IRCTC is one of the world’s largest logistics companies. It also has the fourth largest network in the world and covers 8,500 stations. It has a huge network of warehouse and yards across the country and also provides logistics services for sea cargo containers.

  2. VRL Group:  The VRL group is one of the top logistics providers of India. The company was started in 1976 and currently has a fleet of about 4,000 goods transport vehicles. It has the largest fleet of commercial vehicles in the country and also owns 419 passenger vehicles. It offers courier service, air charters, priority cargo and third-party logistics.

  3. Transport Corporation of India Ltd: Established in 1958, this company has an annual turnover of more than INR 29 billion. It is India’s leading integrated multimodal logistics and supply chain solution provider. With a network of 1,400 offices and 11 million sq feet of warehousing space, it has a strong hold on the industry.

  4. Gati Ltd: Gati Ltd is an express distribution and supply chain solution provider. It has offices in the Asia Pacific region and across the neighboring countries. With a wide presence in the domestic and commercial freight, Gati caters to about 19,000 postal districts in the country. It provides sea cargo, airfreight, warehousing facilities, rail carriage and other logistical services.

  5. Ghatge Patil Transports Ltd: It is also one of the oldest logistics companies in the country. GPTL offers a range of logistics services to individual clients and corporates. It also offers services for moving household items for the purpose of relocation and has tie ups with logistics companies across the country for sea, air and rail carriage of cargo in India and to foreign destinations.

  6. ABC India Ltd: All Bengal Carriers, a company based in Kolkata provided logistics services to North East India where the transportation facility was very limited. It has entered into a Joint Venture with Nissin Corporation of Japan and provides world class logistics services in the country.

  7. Logistics Post: A prominent player in the logistics industry, Logistics Post is a division of India post, the nation’s postal department. It is involved in the door to door logistics for ecommerce industries and for individuals. The services can be availed through 150,000 post offices across the country and it also delivers to all locations which include remote villages.

  8. Eastern Cargo Carriers Pvt Ltd: One of the top International Air Transport Association freight company in India, Eastern Cargo Carriers offers point to point handling solutions logistics requirement. It specializes in handling pets and mortal human remains.

  9. Aegis Group: Aegis group is a specialized logistics company in the country and deals in gas, liquids, engineering procurement and commissioning, retail LPG and marine logistics. It plays a key role in the nation’s supply of hydrocarbon fuels which are essential for industrial and domestic consumers.

  10. DTDC: DTDC opened as a door to door courier in 1990 and offers logistics solutions including incoming and outbound freight and cargo. With a presence across many countries, it has associates in Middle East and Neighboring countries as well. It offers solutions including tech development, last mile delivery, marketplace listing, warehousing and fulfillment, sample showrooms, reverse logistics management and multi-vendor management.

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