Must Have Tools for Start-up Fundraising in India 2018

1. Google Apps: The very first search engine that comes to rescue for all of us is Google. But did you know, Google provides range of applications at a high

Planning to start your own business? Well, then you obviously know that raising a good amount of money for your start-up is nothing short of an uphill battle. In today’s scenario, one needs to be backed with updated technology and the most helpful fundraising tools and techniques. Here are some tools that can be quite useful your business.

1. Google Apps:

The very first search engine that comes to rescue for all of us is Google. But did you know, Google provides range of applications at a high quality and comparatively low cost? Basic Google apps like Gmail that lets you to shoot an email on-the-go, and Google Hangouts that allows you to video chat with vendors, investors, etc. all around the globe, are quite economical. Furthermore, there are tools like Google AdWords which lets you advertise your business by bidding on keywords so that your clickable ads appear on the top of Google’s search results. Similarly, Google Analytics is a web platform that lets you know about the full record and track of your website traffic. It lets you view the whole customer picture across the videos, ads, websites etc.

2. AngelList:  

As its tagline suggests - ‘where the world meets start-ups’, AngelList is a web platform for start-up entrepreneurs and job seekers that lets you to meet with potential investors who are interested in investing in your business. Having an AngelList profile in the start-up world is as important as having a birth certificate in real world. So if you have not registered yourself here, then you are really missing out on something.

3. Hootsuite:

Running a successful start-up without social media is one of the biggest corporate sins. To make things easy and increase your visibility across various social media platforms, here’s the most widely used social media platform for you – Hootsuite. It lets you manage multiple social networks together and also enables you to interact with your followers and customers. What’s more, this comes absolutely free!

4. Rapportive:  

While running a start-up, all the contacts and customer details should be kept handy. This LinkedIn owned app Rapportive is integrated in Gmail and enables you to get each and every detail of your contacts. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can attract employers/investors by presenting their skills and experience. It also lets you to search about potential investors for your start-up in just a single click.

5. EquityNet:

Again the main purpose is always to get funds for the start-up. Equitynet is a platform which helps you find business loans and raise equity capital from the accredited investors. You can easily raise funds by crowdfunding on this platform. You just need to pitch your business plan to potential investors and you’ll start getting funds fairly easily.

6. Crunchbase:

In this rapid growing business world, there are plenty of businesses and its investors. But you need to identify what kinds of investors you will need for your sector. Crunchbase enables you to find appropriate investors by letting you view the company portfolios for your start-up. Then all you need to do is connect with them via LinkedIn.

Use the aforementioned tools and see your business grow rapidly.

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