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Do Electric Vehicles Have a Future in India?

The Menace Even a junior school student is well and truly aware of this fact on account of the gravity of the situation. When we talk about global warming an

You don’t need to look far to realize that the status quo in terms of pollution is reaching an alarming rate on a daily basis. Every single year; the temperatures are rising, summer months are getting extended, lands experience lesser rains and there are more cases of natural disasters.

The Menace

Even a junior school student is well and truly aware of this fact on account of the gravity of the situation. When we talk about global warming and the likes; pollution is the keyword here. And air pollution contributes a very very big percentage.

Increasing population means increase in the demand of automobiles which means rising numbers of petrol/diesel based vehicles; which keeps on adding to the adverse affect of air pollution. Hence, the question related to the future of electric vehicles in India should be a rhetorical one. Why? Because it is the only future if at all there is one. Simply put, it is inevitable; it has to come forth and enter the market sooner rather than later.

Because going by the current state of exhaustion of resources and environment degradation, our years on this once beautiful Earth are numbered. This is especially disappointing for all the future generations.

Signal of Intent

No wonder the EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Ltd.) gave away a mammoth amount of 1120 crore rupees to none other than Tata Motors Ltd. in a bid to curb this massive spiral we’re in. It was a signal of intent from the government; the biggest of its kind, that we’re now ready to enter the electric vehicle market and slowly but surely; we’re going to adopt an all-electric regime on the streets.

Electric’s The Way

The electric cars are going to be generated in two different phases; 500 of them will be produced by the month of November and the remaining huge lot of 9500 cars will be brought forth in the second phase; deadline for which is yet to be decided. Not just Tata, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. has entered the wave as well courtesy of the matched winning bid.

The Signs Are Ominous

The good things is that the government is polishing itself first i.e. these newly ordered automobiles will replace the current diesel and petrol cars which are being used directly by the government and its subsequent agencies.

Not just electric cars, but the next set of tenders are probably going to target sourcing of e-autos and e-rickshaws under the FAME scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India). The NDA government was very bold in its statement on the matter which said that by the year 2030, roads will see electric vehicles only in a strong bid to reduce the overall global warming contribution by our country. This will also reduce the expenditure on the precious oil imports which according to a rough estimate, will be closely valued around $600 billion by that year. Can you imagine that number?

The automobile industry’s annual conference which was held back in September saw the honourable road transport minister Nitin Gadkari claim that automobile brands WILL HAVE TO switch to electric whether they wish to or not.

Why the urgency now, you ask? This is because according to statistics released by WHO last year; 6 Indian cities were amongst the Top 15 list of the most polluted cities across the world. Not a proud reading, is it?

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