Up close and personal with co-founder of Wingman Marketers, Tushar Walia

Firstly, what triggered you to go ahead with this startup idea? I graduated in I.T. but never really had a knack for it. It was in college when I met my co-f

Business2business had a personal and an insightful interview with Mr. Tushar Walia, the co- founder of Wingman Marketers. He enlightens us with his journey till now and also provides us tips on how to make start ups work. Do check out the interview below: 

Firstly, what triggered you to go ahead with this startup idea?

I graduated in I.T. but never really had a knack for it. It was in college when I met my co-founder who was drawn towards web development and sales right from the start. Gladly, I had the opportunity to work with a few startups after finishing my graduation where I got to learn a lot. This is where I developed a taste for SEO, marketing and content writing. Frustrated with the corporate setup and its rigorous nature; both of us decided to lock horns and basically complete the jigsaw puzzle. He needed a marketing guy and I was looking for someone from a technical background; and voila!

What are the major services that you offer?

Apart from the regular web development services, we offer Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing packages. Other than that, we offer Content Marketing, Paid Advertising and Web Analytics as well. Some other exclusive resources include the likes of dedicated e-commerce services, UI/UX, branding mockups and products, e-mail marketing, bulk sheet creation, logo design and product photography.

How did you come up with the brand name?

Well, we wanted our brand to have a name which can be easily spelled and pronounced and also makes some sense to our domain. Another priority was that it should be quirky enough. After stumbling upon many rejected names, avid researching and calls for help; I myself came up with ‘Wingman’ and it instantly popped. It just felt right. We had to improvise and add the ‘marketers’ bit at the end as the former domain wasn’t available. Just like a wingman is always there for assistance, we are too.

Did market research play a huge role in your decision making?

Of course it did. It wouldn’t have been right otherwise. Right from my college years, I’ve been good at research and my general OCD always keeps me on point as well. It didn’t take much for us to realize the massive potential digital marketing has in the current frantic market scenario. With brands coming up on a daily basis, it felt like a foregone conclusion, just waiting for us to take the plunge.

How do you market yourself?

To be honest, we haven’t quite begun with our own marketing which is a tad ironical. But it is what it is. We stay hell-bent on satisfying our clients to the core; that we forget to take out time for implementing our own marketing strategies. Every time I talk about this, I realize how important this is and then forget it the next day. I really need to change the status quo ASAP! Thank you for reminding again.

What sets you apart from some of the other competitors in your domain?

As stated above, we’re not just about traditional web development, SEO and SMM. There are many services on offer which makes us attractive for companies/start-ups who wish to get everything done under the same roof. Apart from Delhi, Faridabad is also where we work from which allows us to tap local clients better. My co-founder has personal experience in setting up a couple of solid e-commerce entities; hence online businesses are a good target market for us. We not only help provide these services but also assist on the lines of procurement, inventory management, marketplace planning and setup.

Are there any stringent rules you have for your staff?

Hahaha! Nothing as such really; apart from fulfilling deadlines. Our staff members can sit at home and work within the luxury of their homes if everything is being executed as planned.

What is your biggest motivation at the start of every day?

To refine our services for the better; to expand the team and have a better day than yesterday.

Any key pieces of advice you’d like to give to potential startup founders?

Well; I’d just tell them to believe in their product/service and simply block the naysayers right from the start no matter what.

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