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How to create an audience for crowdfunding campaign in India 2018

Here is how you can create an audience for a crowd funding campaign in India. Find your target audience: Before you begin using any strategy for crowd

Crowd funding has become a quick route for raising money for a startup. Basically, crowd funding means a crowd that gathers to fund an idea. With a rise in the number of startups across the country, people start campaigns with enthusiasm in order to raise money. Much later they realize that it is difficult to keep the funds coming in. However, crowd funding is time-consuming and needs adequate planning and execution. It involves a lot of hard work through different channels.

Here is how you can create an audience for a crowd funding campaign in India.

  1. Find your target audience: Before you begin using any strategy for crowd funding, you need to identify who you are targeting. Once you have identified the audience, you can use the power of social media and try to create awareness about the campaign.

  2. Digital Media: Considering the importance of social media, it is used as the first marketing tactic for majority startups. However, the promotions are limited to Facebook and Twitter but every platform helps reach out to unique user base. Whatever platform you are on, you need to make sure that you are very active on the same in order to achieve higher results. You need to connect with the users through high quality images and videos to bring life to a campaign.

  3. Media outreach: Whatever the purpose of fund raising, it should be pitched in the right manner. With planning and media coverage, it becomes possible to reach out to an audience which will be interested in the field of work you are into. Create a fabulous pitch and avoid email blasts since they do not work. Pitch the story to right journalists to get press coverage. You need to use the media outreach in the right manner to see results.

  4. Offline marketing: A large number of crowd funding campaigns are a mix of online as well as offline promotions. Offline marketing can help engage the target audience in a unique manner. It can be done by live streaming an event or organizing special events which display your products and services. Another way is to record the videos of an event and post them on the social media page of the campaign.

  5. Involve influencers: A large number of companies take up influencer marketing seriously. It is all about identifying the key individuals who will help deliver your content to their large fan following. It is important to build relationships with influencers which are mutually beneficial. Influencer marketing will help expand your reach while giving something to the influencer in return. It is one of the fastest ways to market a crowd funding campaign efficiently.

These tips can be used to effectively create awareness about the campaign and reach out to the target audience. Crowd funding is a difficult and time consuming task which should be well planned, laid out and executed in order to achieve success.


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