Seven Best industries for starting a business in India 2018

Home and Building Maintenance:  Starting from landscaping to cleaning as well as pest control, maintenance industries that serve commercial buildings and

India has become a hotspot for startups. There were a number of businesses floated in 2017, some reached their potential, some were acquired by larger businesses and a few, unfortunately had to exit. With growing number of opportunities across the country, here are the best industries for starting a business in 2018 in India.

  1. Home and Building Maintenance:  Starting from landscaping to cleaning as well as pest control, maintenance industries that serve commercial buildings and residences have seen a 13% rise in the sales. With the right knowledge and skills, the businesses are easy to start and have a low upfront cost. In a cleaning service business, individuals can incorporate various cleaning services like pools, garages, construction sites and homes. An app can also be built which can allow customers to choose the services through the smartphones.

  2. Pet care services: Pet owners sometimes have to be away from their home and seek places to take care of their pets. They choose to have safe and familiar surrounding for their pets instead of leaving them in an unfamiliar environment. A pet sitting business does not require huge investment and the pet owners who need to be away from their home can hire their services to come to their place and look after the pets. Another pet service business includes a pet care where grooming, walking, boarding and rescue business can be carried out.

  3. Biotechnology: One of the fastest growing industries, biotechnology has helped develop the quality of health and life over many years. With the government pumping funds in the industry for encouraging more entrepreneurs to invest in it, there will be more life-changing innovations and discoveries made. There are several ideas for startups in biotechnology industry like food processing, speciality medicine, biotechnology training school, and waste processing and water conservation.

  4. Food and groceries: About 67% of the country’s retail spending is on food and groceries. The organized retail accounts for only 15%, startups and investors are making big money in the sector. This is a generation which prefers convenience to kiranas, this business can grow by $20 billion by the end of 2020.

  5. Customized jewelry: Women love their jewels and with each passing day, women are looking for jewelry that is unique and fashionable. Creativity and good marketing skills can help build a strong business around customized jewelry. You need a small investment and the business can grow by 15% in a year.

  6. Construction Management: Global funding for a number of infrastructure activities is constantly on a rise. Builders are always on a lookout to purchase or rent construction equipment and analysts say it is an emerging industry. The business in the industry rose significantly in the last five years and it will be rising in the coming years as well.

  7. Artificial Intelligence: Machine learning and artificial intelligence has catered to various companies working on the interpretation and act on visual data. This technology has attracted investment worth millions since 2016 and will be an emerging industry in the coming year.
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