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The best part about their start-up experience isĀ conceptualizing a brand that'd not only house the future of health and fitness technology but would also b

Boltt products are a comprehensive health and fitness solution that don't just give out mere numerical data and instead provide a user with actionable feedback/insights that can transform his/her lifestyle phenomenally. Also, the Boltt products are interactive in nature, this is one aspect that'll definitely keep their users engaged with their fitness regimen. Plus, they strongly believe in the process of continued innovation because a user today is updated about the latest technology and is therefore seeking for something new in the same every minute. Consequently, they'd been coming up with series/range of products in future as per the technological requirements that the time demands.

The best part about their start-up experience is conceptualizing a brand that'd not only house the future of health and fitness technology but would also boast about being one of its kind comprehensive solution of the afore said, which their users/customers would largely benefit from. At the same time, the challenge was to ensure that it was accessible to everyone which is why we decided to keep their products on the affordable price range so that every amateur, expert, learner or an enthusiast in terms of health, fitness and sports can leverage advantage from.

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  1.  Beat is Your 24*7 Heart Rate Monitor that comes with Personalised Health and Fitness Coaching. The Fitness Tracker is the perfect convergence of aesthetics, technology & fashion.
  2.  With continuous heart rate monitoring , Beat helps you to perform better during workouts. It tracks hourly calories, distance , steps , flights climbed , running , walking and active time.
  3.  It comes with intelligent motion & automatic sleep detection. It measures quantity and quality of sleep , toss and turns & REM & Light sleep stages.
  4. The tracker comes with a subscription of the Boltt Health App. The App is In- Built with an AI Personal Coach. The Coach tracks your fitness , sleep & nutrition & helps you stay on track with your goals.
  5.  Access Weight Loss Coaching based on your targets. The plans include a combination of diets and exercises.The battery life is 72 hours.
  6. Log all your meals / click a picture of your food and get detailed micro and macro nutrient breakdown in the App's Diet Panel
  7.  Get Live Audio & Text Coaching by the personalised AI Coach- it gives dynamic insights on sleep, nutrition & activity. It whisepers live instructions during workouts.
  8. Access social media alerts, sedentary reminders and call and message notifications via the Tracker
  9. Inside the box - Get Boltt personalised Health Coaching Plan Activation Card. Download the Boltt Health App from iOS App Store and scan the unique QR code or Scratch & enter the activation code to start your personalised Boltt Health coaching plan.

A Health and Fitness platform that captures data from a wide range of devices , apps and a collection of Boltt Wearables. The data is analysed to give personalised and automated health feedback , by the Boltt Mobile App. Experience the World’s First AI Mobile Trainer.

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