Technologies to get a boost from Apple iPhone X

The difference here is that with Apple adopting these technologies, it gets legitimacy. Apple has given these technologies the impetus they needed, starting fro

With the launch of iPhone X, Apple has put its weight behind certain technologies that have been around for a while.  When the Apple iPhone X hits the stores in November, it will be the phone the world inspires for. Apple has retained its USP since the first iPhone which was launched a decade back. For a large part of the decade, Android phones were dominating the smartphone market, with an iPhone killer coming only to fall over the wayside. These phones have introduced various features that Apple did not have. Even with iPhone X most features that are being introduced are those that the Android phones have had for a few years.

The difference here is that with Apple adopting these technologies, it gets legitimacy. Apple has given these technologies the impetus they needed, starting from USB-C to Wi-Fi and even wireless audio. Android manufacturers were unable to provide this push because the ecosystem is unsure as to how long they will get support from a brand.

Apple has introduced technologies that have already been around for a while. These include:

  1. Edge to edge display: The bezel less display has been around Samsung for a long time now. This year almost everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. The most affordable bezel less phone is from Micromax, who is an Indian manufacturer. With the iPhone sporting one, there is a surety that all manufacturers will be under pressure to introduce at least one phone with the feature. They will also be under pressure to offer it at multiple price points. This will now be the standard for all top end phones.

  2. Face ID: The new Face ID feature introduced by iPhone to unlock the phone is one of the smoothest implementations of technology and seems more natural than using your fingerprints to unlock.  Samsung uses an iris scanner while Apple maps the entire face of the user to unlock the phone. Apple has already plugged this into Apple Pay, there will be other apps trying to use this in a way to authenticate payment. There are also other uses like verifying the person on the other end.

  3. Wireless charging: Apple has adopted Qi standard for wireless charging which has been in the market but never got widespread adoption. Wireless charging into iPhone is the best news that the industry has had in many years. Samsung has had wireless charging for many years; but it did not really spur the segment. You will soon be able to see wireless charging in cars, hotel rooms and airports across the world.

  4. Augmented reality: Listed as the trending technology for many years, augmented reality is something we have not been able to play around with. Developers are queuing up to make the best use of Apple’s ARKit which is getting a hardware boost with the A11 Bionic chip in the new iPhone. The new iPhones have made the best use of AR and will let the users play around with the virtual robots. You can expect great innovation happen in this space in the coming months.

  5. Dual cameras: Apple launched its first dual camera about a year back but the technology is taking its time to perfect. The company promises that the experience will be so much better with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Even as the hardware evolves, there will be a lot of software innovation around the data generated by the dual camera in order to offer better photographs. Again, brands will be under pressure to offer at least one phone with a dual camera.

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