The changing trends in Real Estate Marketing

Before implementing a full fledged campaign on social media, some players took small steps which led to more players using social media for real estate advertis

Every industry and business is taking up the social media platform as a marketing tool. With the huge reach and momentum, it makes it easier to market your content on different social media platforms. India’s real estate sector waited and watched. Selling homes is not as easy as selling a commodity and using the social media platform to do the same is not an easy step to take. For consumers, purchasing a home is the biggest investment of their lives and for a seller, it is important to use marketing tools that create the right perception and do not make the buyer believe into the cannot afford concept. When it comes to transactions of property, the stakes are high and taking chances is not an option. 

Before implementing a full fledged campaign on social media, some players took small steps which led to more players using social media for real estate advertising. It was lucrative for the cost effectiveness and a target based approach that concentrated on a specific audience. Eventually, some investments had to be moved from traditional print advertisements to the digital marketing campaigns over social media so as to target the right audience at a lower cost.Social media platforms like Facebook helped the brand and customer acquisition while Twitter was used for thought leadership. Similarly, Instagram helped create a visual experience for the user and Linkedin helped in employer branding. Combined with the right traditional marketing tools, these social media platforms have worked very well for the real estate sector in India. The best thing though, is the creation of an alternate channel which follows the consumer and their preferences.

Over the period of time, the use of social media in real estate has evolved much beyond the communication and customer engagement. The business goals are achieved, through these platforms. Social media is used from lead generation to strategy to content marketing and customer management. It is also used to understand the preferences of the customers and share the user experience. The utility of each social media is very different, hence, using the right medium is of utmost importance.

It can be rightly said that social media has emerged as the most cost effective tool for marketing. Although, it does not mean an end to search engine marketing. With the right use of search engine marketing, the overall media marketing can be rightly balanced. Consumer habits keep changing constantly and marketers need to develop a strategy keeping that in mind. They must always be ready to make adjustments, change or develop a new strategy in order to reach the right audience. Marketers should also ensure that they do not overdo it with the marketing strategy, since selling a property is not easy. Social Media should be used to enhance the knowledge of the user about the real estate sector in the most positive manner, and this might require a constant change in strategy in order to reach and appeal to the targeted audience. 

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