Understanding Pension Payment Order (PPO): A Comprehensive Overview

When you retire, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle can be challenging without adequate financial savings. To address this, the Government of India introduced the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) in 1995 as part of the EPF scheme. This initiative aims to provide monthly pensions to employees, ensuring financial support and security during retirement years. 

For pension holders, understanding the role of PPO (Pension Payment Orders) is crucial. Many retirees often find themselves deciding between EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) and PPO, navigating which option best suits their retirement needs.

This article offers insights into understanding PPO, including how to verify the status of your pension payment order, along with comprehensive guidelines on navigating the PPO Scheme.

Why is Pension Payment Order (PPO) important?

Recognizing the significance of the PPO is essential for retirees and pensioners alike. There are several critical reasons that underscore the importance of this unique identifier.

Grievance Filing: If there are any issues or discrepancies in pension payments, having the PPO number is essential when filing complaints with the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). This ensures a structured and transparent process for resolving concerns.

Pension Tracking: The PPO number serves as a unique identifier for pensioners, allowing them to easily track and receive their pension payments. This system ensures a streamlined process and reduces the likelihood of errors during distribution.

Life Certificate Submission: Pensioners must submit an annual life certificate to continue receiving pensions. The PPO number is crucial for meeting this requirement, and not submitting the certificate can lead to pension payments being suspended.

Bank Account Changes: When pensioners need to switch their bank accounts for pension disbursement because their previous account has been closed, the PPO number serves as a reference to facilitate a seamless transition.

What is PPO Number in Pension?

Every pensioner in the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is assigned a unique 12-digit number known as the Pension Payment Order. This number is utilized for all transactions and communications pertaining to the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS).

The PPO number enables efficient management and tracking of your pension-related tasks.

Below is a detailed explanation of the Pension Payment Order identification number:

  • The code of the PPO issuing authority is represented by the initial 5 digits.
  • The year of issuance is indicated by the following 2 digits.
  • The following four digits denote the consecutive number of the PPO.
  • The final number is a verification digit.

What are the steps to check Pension Payment Order (PPO)?

Retirees who are part of the Employee Provident Scheme can easily find their PPO numbers. If you happen to lose or forget your PPO number, the EPFO website offers a straightforward solution. Here's a step-by-step guide to checking your PPO:

Step 1

Log on to EPFO Website: Start by going to the Employee Provident Fund Organization's official website.

Step 2

Navigate to 'Services': Select the 'For Employees' option by clicking on the 'Services' tab.

Step 3

Access Pensioners' Portal: Find and select the Pensioners' Portal link found in the online services section.

Step 4

Know Your PPO Number: Select the 'Know your PPO number' choice and input either your bank account number or Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account number.

After you submit these details successfully, you'll see your PPO number displayed. This ensures retirees can easily access this important information.

Steps to download Pension Payment Orders (PPO) online

In today's digital age, the Government of India has launched DigiLocker, a platform designed for securely storing and accessing important documents. Pensioners can use this service to download their Pension Payment Order (PPO) using their Aadhaar number. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you download your PPO online:

Step 1

Visit DigiLocker website - Begin by going to the DigiLocker's authorized website.

Step 2

Log In -Select 'Sign In' and input either your Aadhaar number, mobile number, or username.

Step 3

OTP Verification - A one-time password will be sent to the mobile number associated with Aadhaar. Input the OTP and the security pin that was created earlier.

Step 4

Access Issued Documents - After logging in, simply select 'Issued Documents.' A fresh webpage will pop up.

Step 5

Get More Issued Documents - Click the button labeled 'Get more issued documents'.

Step 6

Choose EPFO - Choose 'Employee Provident Fund Organisation' in the 'Central Government' category.

Step 7

Enter UAN - A fresh webpage will show up. Select the UAN option and input your UAN when asked.

Step 8

Download PPO - Click on 'Get Document,' and once the data is retrieved, you'll find the PPO listed under 'Saved Documents.' You can then download and securely store it.

Following these steps allows pensioners to use digital platforms conveniently for accessing and managing their PPO. Understanding the details of Pension Payment Order (PPO) is crucial for retirees to handle pension disbursement complexities and ensure financial security during retirement. The outlined steps for checking and downloading the PPO online aim to simplify the process for pensioners, making it easier for them to access and manage their pension information efficiently.

As retirement planning adapts to the digital era, utilizing online platforms becomes essential for a smooth and secure experience in managing pension documents.


Q. What is PPO pension payment?

A. PPO or Pension Payment Order is issued to every pensioner under the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). It is a unique 12-digit number that refers to the transaction ID for the communications and transactions related to the EPS or Employee Pension Scheme.

Q. How do I find my PPO details?

A. Go to the EPFO website. Under “Online Services”, click on “For Employees” and then “Pensioners' Portal.” Navigate to the Pensioners' Portal and locate the option titled “Know your PPO number”. Retrieve your PPO number by entering your details, which include your PF account number and bank account number.

Q. What is the purpose of PPO?

A. A type of health plan that contracts with medical providers, such as hospitals and doctors, to create a network of participating providers. You pay less if you use providers that belong to the plan's network.

Q. How many days before PPO is issued?

A. Note: For cases of retirement other than on superannuation, it is provided that PPO shall be issued within six months of submission of duly completed Form 5 or the date of retirement whichever is later.

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